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RPT Blackpool



1. Tommy Walker - Vegas 100

2. Gary Lythe - £180 + UK National Final Seat
3. Laura Jackson - £120 + UK National Final Seat
4. Tim Osborn - £80 + UK National Final Seat
5. Thomas Barber - £60 + UK National Final Seat
6. Lee Ryan - £45 + UK National Final Seat
7. Rob Jardine - £35 + UK National Final Seat
8. Russell Cowley - £30 + UK National Final Seat
9. Carl Swain - £25 + UK National Final Seat
10. Julie Hamilton - £25 + UK National Final Seat

Blackpool's Grosvenor Casino saw a sell out Redtooth Poker Tour leg as 120 players sat down for the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas. Many of the players made a weekend out of this event which had the whole group in good spirit. The highlight being Paul Murphy making his entrance to the tournament dressed as Papa Smurf!



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League Stats

Season 3 - Week 9
Year 2014 - 2015
31 days left in this season.

There are Currently 174695 Players competing in pubs across the UK.


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