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Reasons To Join

The main reason for joining the Redtooth Poker league is to attract NEW & OLD customers to your pub!!

The league is aimed to drive customers back into pubs for extended sessions between 7:30pm to 11pm, therefore increasing the pubs wet trade on an otherwise quiet night.

A successful poker night also has a knock on effect on other nights in your pub as your players may choose to take advantage of the various offers advertised around your venue.

Other benefits and reasons to join include:

  • Brand New POS – We will be offering more point of sale to pubs including beer mats, bar runners and much more!
  • Free Subscription - The UK Pub Poker Champion’s pub will receive a year’s FREE poker subscription. This is worth over £1,200 to the landlord!!
  • Landlord Equipment Discount – The pubs will be provided with FREECARDS4LIFE so the pub will never need to purchase a deck again these are to be collected at regional finals and worth over £45! Other Redtooth Poker equipment if ordered by the licensee/manager of the pub could have the option to be bought at discounted rates, offering more choice to the venue.

The equipment provided is sufficient for 16-18 players. It is advisable to promote the poker events beforehand and ask interested players to complete registration forms. If more than 16 players register, you may wish to purchase additional equipment from Redtooth at special rates. Additional paperwork such as player registration forms can be sent on request free of charge.


Here’s what our current players and licensee’s think….

Redtooth have done it again – more opportunities for more players to win ocally and get to Las Vegas but for the same price for the ninth year in a row! Simply unbeatable value for any pub’. Shaun Blackshaw - Licensee/The Firs/Wolverhampton
Quite simply, the leader in pub poker! No one comes close!!!! Richard Fitzsimons
The best pub league by a mile , we have played for 7 years now , great format for even greater rewards for the amateur poker playerGlenn Brown
Easy, consistent points system with opportunities to go to regional, national finals and a chance of playing in las vegas. free to play and varied skill levels from beginner to experienced but all the time its friendly and helps improve your game.Gareth Taylor
The best pub league in the world that every player wants to play in, My pub has a Vegas 100 qualifier who has qualified twice in 6 months. That's got to be a record (and in London too!) Chris Hayward