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Pub League Prizes

  • We offer certificates & trophies for all pub league winners worth £80,000
    (Figure is an average of 1000 poker nights per week)
  • Win a cash prize at venues that opt to play for small stakes.
    (Contact venue for more details)
  • Regional final qualification after every 13 week season.

Regional Final Prizes

  • 76 regional finals per year at 19 Grosvenor Casinos from Aberdeen down to Plymouth. 
  • 76 VEGAS100 seats are awarded throughout the year in addition to the £36,000 in cash prizes paid out to over 500 Redtooth Poker regional finalists.  

UK National Final

  • 4 UK national finals each year with two in the north & two in the south which awards 20 VEGAS100 seats
  • Our UK national finals have a guaranteed cash prize-pool of £6,000
  • Free welcome drink to all qualifiers on arrival worth over £3,000
  • Each qualifier is given an exclusive national final card guard to the value of £3,500
    (Based on invited figures to live poker events)


  • Redtooth Poker offer 110 seats into the VEGAS100 final worth £132,000
  • Our whopping VEGAS100 prize-pool currently stands at £25,000 in our VEGAS100 event alone!

Other Opportunities

  • The Redtooth Poker Tour gives out up to 10 VEGAS100 seats and additional cash prizes of up to £4,800 per year
    (Based on each RPT leg selling out)