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Player FAQ

How do i get involved in my local Redtooth Poker night? Simply find your nearest venue via our ‘Find a Venue’ tab then all you need to do is visit the venue on their next poker night to complete a registration form. A Tournament Director should be present to answer any questions you may have. […]

TD/Manager FAQ

What if one of our automatic qualifiers can’t make the regional final? Any of your 3 automatic qualifiers can be replaced assuming the replacement has played the required 4 league games. We would suggest you promote the player who came 4th in the league. However, this is the TD/venue manager’s decision. What if our play-off […]

Screen Graphics

Here are some images you can use on TVs and other devices for promoting your poker league. Landscape Format (16:9) Portrait Format (9:16)     

Heads Up!

Down to two players – here’s how that works…

The Ranking of Hands

What hand is better than another in Redtooth Poker?

The Sequence of Play

What is the sequence of play for a game of Texas Hold Em Poker?

Handling Disagreements

Video on handling disagreements… Don’t forget to use the Redtooth Poker helpline too – the number is on your tournament report form.


Occasionally accidents happen! – Here’s how to handle a misdeal.

Running Out Of Time

Time is ticking – here’s what to do…

Players Coming & Going

What to do when players are coming and going from the game, arrive late etc…