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Redtooth Tavern Online Pub Poker League

Grosvenor Poker is home to our very popular online pub poker league, the FREE to play Redtooth Tavern online league, which runs parallel to your pub poker night, offers 15 regional final seats per season so if you aren't able to play enough in your local venue or don't manage to gain regional final qualification the Redtooth Tavern is a great backup option. A great addition to playing poker in your local pub league.
The online league runs every Sunday afternoon from 2pm with registration starting from 12noon on the day. The same points structure is used as in your local venue. At the end of the 13 week season the top 15 players will qualify for their local regional final. Pub qualification takes precedence over online qualification.
Please note: If you register before the tournament starts and you are not logged into the poker client during the first 10 minutes of the tournament, you will be removed due to Microgaming network rules.
Tickets into other online events are awarded as prizes in this tournament.
You can get the password by logging into the members section via the 'Get Members' Access Now' button.

VEGAS100 Online Qualifiers

We run numerous VEGAS100 online qualifiers throughout the year so if your luck isn’t in playing live poker our registered members can have a go at qualifying for the pub poker industries #1 prize, VEGAS100, from the comfort of their own home. Only the winner of the tournament will qualify for VEGAS100 with cash prizes also being awarded from 2nd place downwards assuming the number of runners exceeds 100.
This freezeout tournament has a £20+£2 buy-in and offers a great online structure with a huge 10,000 chip starting stack.
Our VEGAS100 qualifiers usually run once per month alternating between Friday and Saturday evenings subject to our live event schedule.
You can get the password by logging into the members section via the 'Get Members' Access Now' button.

Redtooth Super Sats

Our 'Redtooth Super Sats' run every Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon giving our members tickets into our Redtooth Poker player exclusive special tournaments such as our World League Poker Championship qualifiers and much much more! These Super Sats are a great way to win BIG prizes from just a small buy-in.
These tournaments are only £4.70+£0.30 to play and hold a guarantee of TWO tickets per tournament.
No passwords are needed to play these.
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Rank Player   Games   Points
1 WhiteJedi   12   290
2 Alfie4paws   12   270
3 Trustyatwos   11   260
4 haseley   10   250
5 Bourbonshelf   10   240
6 mawkit   10   240
7 BadWendy   11   240
8 Chenza   11   240
9 seymoreTILTS   10   230
10 677macian01   11   230
11 wuff   11   220
12 BigGinge1982   12   220
13 NickfromTV   12   220
14 soulofblack666   12   220
15 Pok3rQu33n   5   210
16 westdiz   6   190
17 Karverbillxxx   11   190
18 queeniesas   11   190
19 Paliwo   12   190
20 Brooska   9   180
21 shybeth27   9   180
22 Nerak55   8   170
23 budegirl   9   170
24 D4N_87   10   170
25 Manbearpig   11   170
26 norman65   7   160
27 Bones68   11   160
28 Broomhill_9   11   160
29 FourKingHell59   11   160
30 FiveAceLo   12   160