The 2022/2023 Redtooth Poker Tour will see 9 VEGAS100 seats and 1 seat into the Malta52, as well as over £133,000 in CASH PRIZES!!! *

The tour will consist of 8 dealer dealt legs taking place around the UK & Europe with the winner of each leg winning a seat into VEGAS100 2023.

All 8 RPT tour legs will be dealer dealt from start to finish and £43* from every buy-in will go towards the cash prize pool which will be paid out in a standard casino structure and the remaining going towards the VEGAS100 prize. Please remember all our tournaments are now dealer dealt with by Redtooth Poker dealers increasing our costs, a percentage of the buy-in is required to cover the costs of this.

The final table from EVERY leg will also win a UK National Final seat, a total of 100 seats awarded throughout the year. Players will also accumulate points on the RPT leaderboard to have a chance at winning a FREE VEGAS100 guest ticket to join us in Las Vegas for the VEGAS100 2023!! Changes to this are currently being made and we will keep you updated with the amendments.

Big things are coming for 2022 including a return to the biggest live poker festival in Europe at Grosvenor Goliath X!

Here we will be offering a ONE-OFF LIVE MALTA52 event, The 4 Player Team will be back and our favorite tag team special.
Please remember to take part in the closed Redtooth Poker RPT you must have played 8 pub games in the last 12 months prior to the event.

We look forward to seeing you back at the RPT 2022 check out the tickets at