How do i get involved in my local Redtooth Poker night? Simply find your nearest venue via our ‘Find a Venue’ tab then all you need to do is visit the venue on their next poker night to complete a registration form. A Tournament Director should be present to answer any questions you may have. Most poker nights start at 8:00pm so it’s advisable you arrive for around 7:30pm.

What happens if 2 or more players are tied on points at the end of the season? The deciding criteria is used to determine the higher finishing player in the following order…

  • Fewest games played throughout the season.
  • Most wins throughout the season.
  • Consistency taking into account all scores throughout the season. The website will automatically work this out.

What happens if I play at multiple venues and qualify for regionals from both?

  • You will represent the venue with the highest finishing position
  • If you win both leagues you with then represent the pub with the most points
  • You will need to inform the other venue they can replace you with the next eligible player

Can i play in a different regional final if i can’t make the one my pub has been assigned to? Players can play in a different regional final to where their pub has been assigned to, but…

  • All 4 qualifiers must go to the same regional final.
  • There must be space in the new region for another pub to move into.

How many games do i need to have played before i can qualify for a regional final? The minimum amount is 4 league games in that season from any one particular venue. The play-off game does not count as a league game.

Do i get 2 trophies if i win 2 leagues? Yes, there is no limit to the amount of trophies you can win in one season.

I haven’t received my regional final invite, when do they get sent out? We only send invites out once we have received the names of all 4 qualifiers. If you haven’t received your emailed invite yet it’s likely due to one of the following…

  • Your email address on our system is wrong (please contact us/your TD to update)
  • We have only just received confirmation of all 4 qualifiers so it should be with you shortly
  • We are still waiting for confirmation of all 4 qualifiers from your pub

Check with your TD that all relevant information has been sent over/is correct.

How do I know if Redtooth have my email address? If you would like to check the details we have for you, you should create a player profile to view your details >

What point structure is used for your pub poker games? The points structure is as follows:

1st: 100
2nd: 80
3rd: 70
4th: 60
5th: 50
6th: 40
7th: 30
8th: 20
Others: 10

This can also be found on the result sheet.

If an unregistered player finishes on the final table, what happens to those points? If a player who decides not to register in the league and play as a guest finishes in 2nd place for example, noone would score 80 points for that game. Positions on the night should not be moved up. In this instance, if you finished 3rd, you’d still get 70 points.