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Player Of The Year

Which player has played the best poker every day, week and month in the past year?

Which player has the longevity, patience and skills you admire?

Which of your regular opponents deserves this award?

Which player has proved their skills and achieved the most?

The Redtooth Poker family is full of characters that have been playing pub poker for many years and have supported Redtooth Poker for a long time.

We're looking for that person who makes a real difference in our poker community...

This year the Redtooth Poker team has deliberated, discussed and decided the shortlist of the 5 individuals that are worthy of this award for the 2015/2016 year.

There can only be one winner of this prestigious award and we want you to decide who deserves to be crowned ‘Redtooth Poker Player of the Year 2015/16’...