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Player Of The Year

The 2016/17 Player of the Year will be voted for by the 2017 VEGAS100 elite qualifiers. Each qualifier will get 1 vote and 1 vote only meaning around 100 votes will be cast in total. The vote will take place in Las Vegas at the welcome meeting on Friday 26th May 2017 with the winner being announced at the leaving party on Wednesday 31st May 2017 which will be streamed LIVE on our Facebook page.


The 2016/17 Player of the Year Winner is...

Adrian Davidson - Royal Hotel, Orkney

VEGAS100 2017 qualifier from the North UK National Final.
He played all 10 legs of the Redtooth Poker Tour. Pretty standard you might think, but not when you’re from the Orkney Islands! A total of 10,560 miles were travelled. Pretty much the same as going to Vegas and back.
Adrian finished 4th in RPT Luton, a near 1,400 mile round trip! A little shorter than his record 1,600 mile round trip to Plymouth.
He won the league at the Royal Hotel in Orkney in season 3 beating 32 other Orcadians.

Adrian also finished 3rd in season 1 and 2nd in season 4 at his local, the Royal Hotel.