Here is a list of Champions Poker League qualifiers for the upcoming mini league final and the Redtooth National Final.

Mini League North
David McAlpine Abbotsford 1 Perthshire
David Mudie Abbotsford 2 Perthshire
Calum Menzies Abbotsford 3 Perthshire
Loraine Montague Abbotsford 4 Perthshire
Abdul Hamid Astley Arms Pos: 1 Cheshire
Edith Gallimore Astley Arms Pos: 2 Cheshire
Frank Gorton Astley Arms Pos: 3 Cheshire
David Gallimore Astley Arms Pos: 4 Cheshire
Sam Duggan Astley Arms Pos: 5 Cheshire
Gordon Bell Ball Room Perth Pos: 1 Perthshire
Dougie Johnston Ball Room Perth Pos: 4 Perthshire
JAKE SNR Eadie Ball Room Perth Pos: 5 Perthshire
Modestas Macenskis Ball Room Perth Pos: 6 Perthshire
Scot Sherrit Ball Room Perth Pos: 7 Perthshire
David Fong Ball Room Perth Pos: 8 Perthshire
Liz Fitzgerald Draymans Arms. Pos: 1 Lincolnshire
Joe Green Draymans Arms. Pos: 2 Lincolnshire
Rokas Vansevicius Draymans Arms. Pos: 3 Lincolnshire
David Taylor Draymans Arms. Pos: 4 Lincolnshire
Rachel Dodd Draymans Arms. Pos: 5 Lincolnshire
Nick Stevens Draymans Arms. Pos: 6 Lincolnshire
gatis bereznojs Draymans Arms. Pos: 7 Lincolnshire
Martin Slivka Pitcairngreen Inn. Pos: 1 Perthshire
Craig Jeffrey Pitcairngreen Inn. Pos: 2 Perthshire
Steven Wallace Pitcairngreen Inn. Pos: 3 Perthshire
Jane Jeffrey Pitcairngreen Inn. Pos: 4 Perthshire
Patrick McNamara Pitcairngreen Inn. Pos: 5 Perthshire
Steven Lundie Portcullis. Pos: 1 Angus
Graeme Howe Portcullis. Pos: 2 Angus
Brandyn Talbot Portcullis. Pos: 3 Angus
Graham Cargill Portcullis. Pos: 4 Angus
Scott Macewan Portcullis. Pos: 5 Angus
Martin Holmes Queen Hotel (Morley). Pos: 1 Morley
Graham Twohey Queen Hotel (Morley). Pos: 2 Morley
Michael Wilson Queen Hotel (Morley). Pos: 3 Morley
Brian Waterton Queen Hotel (Morley). Pos: 4 Morley
Robin Yeung Sedgley Park Rugby Club. Pos: 1 Whitefield
Simon Morris Sedgley Park Rugby Club. Pos: 10 Whitefield
Dave Kingsley Sedgley Park Rugby Club. Pos: 11 Whitefield
Jason Sewelson Sedgley Park Rugby Club. Pos: 12 Whitefield
Harvey Clements Sedgley Park Rugby Club. Pos: 2 Whitefield
Neil Gadani Sedgley Park Rugby Club. Pos: 3 Whitefield
Richard Black Sedgley Park Rugby Club. Pos: 4 Whitefield
Anita Elfassy Sedgley Park Rugby Club. Pos: 5 Whitefield
Jonny Brown Sedgley Park Rugby Club. Pos: 6 Whitefield
Aaron Lowe Sedgley Park Rugby Club. Pos: 7 Whitefield
Nic Skellington Sedgley Park Rugby Club. Pos: 8 Whitefield
Anne Myers Sedgley Park Rugby Club. Pos: 9 Whitefield
kevin bushby St Leger. Pos: 1 Outwood
Peter Wittekind St Leger. Pos: 2 Outwood
Myra Wittekind St Leger. Pos: 3 Outwood
George Young St Leger. Pos: 4 Outwood
Richard Javons St Leger. Pos: 5 Outwood
Anne Parish Waverley Hotel. Pos: 1 Stirling
John Collier Waverley Hotel. Pos: 2 Stirling
David Elcock Waverley Hotel. Pos: 3 Stirling
Ben McAlpine Waverley Hotel. Pos: 4 Stirling
Dave McFarlane Waverley Hotel. Pos: 5 Stirling
Robert Turnbull Waverley Hotel. Pos: 6 Stirling
William Mcphee Waverley Hotel. Pos: 8 Stirling
Dale Stuchberry Rankin Constitutional Club. Pos: 1 Herefordshire
Gary Reuben Rankin Constitutional Club. Pos: 2 Herefordshire
Ian Banks Rankin Constitutional Club. Pos: 3 Herefordshire
Roy Arnold Rankin Constitutional Club. Pos: 4 Herefordshire
Paul Rouse Rankin Constitutional Club. Pos: 5 Herefordshire
Sam Edgerton Rankin Constitutional Club. Pos: 6 Herefordshire
Gareth Jones Clwb Llanrwst. Pos: 1 Gwynedd 
Dylan Davies Clwb Llanrwst. Pos: 2 Gwynedd 
Peter Pierce Clwb Llanrwst. Pos: 3 Gwynedd 
Phil Sheridan Clwb Llanrwst. Pos: 4 Gwynedd 
Gwilym Jones Clwb Llanrwst. Pos: 5 Gwynedd 

Mini League South
Richard Mighall Alexandra Pub Pos: 1 Hampshire
Mark Baldry Alexandra Pub Pos: 2 Hampshire
Damien Blake Alexandra Pub Pos: 3 Hampshire
John Jackson Alexandra Pub. Pos: 4 Hampshire
John Brei-Crawley Bell Hotel Pos: 1 Suffolk
Kate Moyer Bell Hotel Pos: 2 Suffolk
Andrew Ranch Bell Hotel Pos: 3 Suffolk
Jo Brei-Crawley Bell Hotel Pos: 4 Suffolk
kyle hanson Copt Oak Pub. Pos: 1 Leicester
TRACEY BRISCOE Copt Oak Pub. Pos: 2 Leicester
Paul Fingleton Copt Oak Pub. Pos: 3 Leicester
Colin Crawford Crab and Winkle. Pos: 1 Peterborough
Paul Delegate Crab and Winkle. Pos: 2 Peterborough
Vanessa Farley Crab and Winkle. Pos: 8 Peterborough
Caroline Fletcher Crab and Winkle. Pos: 4 Peterborough
Duncan Goode Crab and Winkle. Pos: 7 Peterborough
Toby Gunn Crab and Winkle. Pos: 6 Peterborough
Malcolm Farley Crab and Winkle. Pos: 10 Peterborough
Mark Simpson Crab and Winkle. Pos: 3 Peterborough
Andrea Hopkins Crab and Winkle. Pos: 9 Peterborough
Vanessa Winterburn Crab and Winkle. Pos: 5 Peterborough
Billy Martinelli Crocodile Pos: 2 Hertfordshire
Hannah Jocelyn Crocodile Pos: 3 Hertfordshire
Jack Daly Crocodile Pos: 4 Hertfordshire
Valmir Hajdarmataj Crocodile Pos: 5 Hertfordshire
Anthony Georgiou Crocodile Pos: 6 Hertfordshire
Steve Lewis Crocodile Pos: 7 Hertfordshire
Lewis Pontin Crocodile Pos: 9 Hertfordshire
Pat nicholson Crown and Horseshoe. Pos: 1 Gloucester
teresa Beard Crown and Horseshoe. Pos: 2 Gloucester
Steve beard Crown and Horseshoe. Pos: 3 Gloucester
Joanne Young Crows Nest. Pos: 1 Leicester
STEVEN MURPHY Crows Nest. Pos: 2 Leicester
Stuart Metcalfe Crows Nest. Pos: 3 Leicester
robert keenan Crows Nest. Pos: 4 Leicester
paul keenan Crows Nest. Pos: 5 Leicester
RAYMOND COOPER Crows Nest. Pos: 6 Leicester
John Taylor Emporium (Fleet). Pos: 1 Fleet
Andrei Coca Emporium (Fleet). Pos: 2 Fleet
Vittorio Casisa Emporium (Fleet). Pos: 3 Fleet
Peter Keenan Emporium (Fleet). Pos: 4 Fleet
Martin Knowles Five Bells (Tydd St Mary). Pos: 1 Cambridgeshire 
Stephen Luff Five Bells (Tydd St Mary). Pos: 2 Cambridgeshire 
Alf Hitchcock Five Bells (Tydd St Mary). Pos: 3 Cambridgeshire 
James Neve Five Bells (Tydd St Mary). Pos: 4 Cambridgeshire 
Jake Pettett George Abbott. Pos: 1 Surrey
Jason Kemp George Abbott. Pos: 2 Surrey
Alan Strank George Abbott. Pos: 3 Surrey
Yaser Not sure George Abbott. Pos: 4 Surrey
Jevon Napper George Abbott. Pos: 5 Surrey
omar gib George Abbott. Pos: 6 Surrey
Michael Banh George Abbott. Pos: 7 Surrey
Toby Reynolds Greyhound. Pos: 1 Gloucester
Peter Brady Greyhound. Pos: 10 Gloucester
Linnet Mosforth Greyhound. Pos: 2 Gloucester
Mark Dimond Greyhound. Pos: 3 Gloucester
Mike Errington Greyhound. Pos: 4 Gloucester
Julie Rose Greyhound. Pos: 5 Gloucester
Robbie Geo Greyhound. Pos: 6 Gloucester
Leroy Oakley Greyhound. Pos: 7 Gloucester
Nigel Anderson Greyhound. Pos: 8 Gloucester
Danny Miller Greyhound. Pos: 9 Gloucester
Eric Braidwood Holroyd Arms. Pos: 1 Guildford
Richard Harris Holroyd Arms. Pos: 2 Guildford
Sam Lowe Holroyd Arms. Pos: 3 Guildford
Joel Parish Holroyd Arms. Pos: 4 Guildford
Gideon Sedgwick Holroyd Arms. Pos: 5 Guildford
Simon Bryan Holroyd Arms. Pos: 6 Guildford
Sophie Murray Holroyd Arms. Pos: 7 Guildford
Duncan Chapman King Street Run. Pos: 1 Cambridgeshire
Lewis Early King Street Run. Pos: 2 Cambridgeshire
Steve Sutton King Street Run. Pos: 3 Cambridgeshire
Gillaad Hanan King Street Run. Pos: 4 Cambridgeshire
David Curtis Leonards. Pos: 1 Essex
walter pub Leonards. Pos: 2 Essex
Colin Griffiths Leonards. Pos: 3 Essex
randolfy pedro de sa Leonards. Pos: 4 Essex
Darrly Griffiths Leonards. Pos: 5 Essex
Mick Curtis Leonards. Pos: 6 Essex
Kevin Wilcox Leonards. Pos: 7 Essex
Paul Morris Queens Head (Broxbourne) Pos: 1 Wormsley
Deborah Tucker Queens Head (Broxbourne) Pos: 2 Wormsley
Shaun Walker Queens Head (Broxbourne) Pos: 3 Wormsley
John Rose Queens Head (Broxbourne) Pos: 6 Wormsley
Richard Bayliss Queens Head (Broxbourne) Pos: 7 Wormsley
Jan Grzesiak Queens Head. Pos: 1 Andover
Sean Dean Queens Head. Pos: 2 Andover
Gavin Richards Queens Head. Pos: 3 Andover
Kevin Knight Queens Head. Pos: 4 Andover
Tim Rosser Queens Head. Pos: 5 Andover
Mike Pickard Ram Inn . Pos: 1 Suffolk
Richard Hodgkinson Ram Inn . Pos: 2 Suffolk
Joe Gast Ram Inn . Pos: 3 Suffolk
Garry Chambers Ram Inn . Pos: 4 Suffolk
Kevin Williams Red Cow Pos: 10 Hertsfordshire
James Daly Red Cow Pos: 7 Hertsfordshire
Tom Cook-smith Red Cow Pos: 9 Hertsfordshire
Jason Lomax Red Cow. Pos: 1 Hertsfordshire
Mitchell Lane Red Cow. Pos: 3 Hertsfordshire
Ben Haddon Rowbarge. Pos: 1 Surrey
Charles Burnett Rowbarge. Pos: 10 Surrey
Paula Annis Rowbarge. Pos: 2 Surrey
Jon Dodson Rowbarge. Pos: 3 Surrey
Mo Irvani Rowbarge. Pos: 4 Surrey
Jason Metcalfe Rowbarge. Pos: 5 Surrey
Ben Dawson Rowbarge. Pos: 6 Surrey
Geoff Vorley Rowbarge. Pos: 7 Surrey
Ben Sanders Rowbarge. Pos: 8 Surrey
Kevin Belvedere Rowbarge. Pos: 9 Surrey
Ian Souter Sportsmens Rest. Pos: 1 Buckingham
Karl Williams Sportsmens Rest. Pos: 2 Buckingham
Ken Lambert Sportsmens Rest. Pos: 3 Buckingham
Kerry Williams Sportsmens Rest. Pos: 4 Buckingham
Kay Lucker Stoke. Pos: 1 Stoke
Jonny Husband Stoke. Pos: 10 Stoke
Dan Tull Stoke. Pos: 11 Stoke
Chaz Brooks Stoke. Pos: 12 Stoke
Marius Rosu Stoke. Pos: 13 Stoke
Matt Savedra Stoke. Pos: 14 Stoke
Graham Smith Stoke. Pos: 15 Stoke
Daryl Kitch Stoke. Pos: 16 Stoke
Ben Martin Stoke. Pos: 17 Stoke
Nigel Gower Stoke. Pos: 3 Stoke
Marc Holmes Stoke. Pos: 5 Stoke
Julie Bryan Stoke. Pos: 9 Stoke
Sasho Popovski Sun Covent Garden. Pos: 1 London
Nicholas Lloyd Sun Covent Garden. Pos: 2 London
Simon Grayson Sun Covent Garden. Pos: 3 London
Caroline McGurk Sun Covent Garden. Pos: 4 London
Damien Rice Sun Covent Garden. Pos: 5 London
John Shanahan Sun Covent Garden. Pos: 6 London
David Govier Sun Covent Garden. Pos: 7 London
Ben Walker Sun Covent Garden. Pos: 8 London
Simba Sagwete Sun Covent Garden. Pos: 9 London

North UK National Final
Thomas McMillan Abbotsford Lounge Perthshire
Tracey Welch Abbotsford Lounge Perthshire
Frank Gorton Astley Arms Cheshire
JAKE SNR Eadie Ball Room Perth Perthshire
Mike Thomson Ball Room Perth Perthshire
Kaspars Dombrovskis Draymans Arms Lincolnshire
Vadim Gercev Draymans Arms Lincolnshire
Alan MacLean Perth Poker Club Perthshire
Pauline McIntyre Perth Poker Club Perthshire
Stewart Barnett Perth Poker Club Perthshire
Donald Chan Pitcairngreen Inn Perthshire
Allan Fisher Portcullis Angus
Raitis Zomerovskis Portcullis Angus
Jonny Brown Sedgely Park RC Whitefield
Neil Gadani Sedgely Park RC Whitefield
Richard Black Sedgely Park RC Whitefield
Aaron Lowe Sedgely Park RC Whitefield
Jason Sewelson Sedgley Park RC Whitefield
Nic Skellington Sedgley Park RC Whitefield
George Young ST Ledger Outwood
kevin bushby ST Ledger Outwood
Peter Wittekind ST Ledger Outwood
Amanda Wallace Waverley Stirlingshire
Ben McAlpine Waverley Stirlingshire
David McAlpine Waverley Stirlingshire
Eammon OBoyle Waverley Stirlingshire
Dylan Davies Club Llanrwst Gwynedd 
Gareth Jones Club Llanrwst Gwynedd 
Phil Sheridan Club Llanrwst Gwynedd 
Terry Owen Club Llanrwst Gwynedd 
Dave Kelly Rankin Constitutional Club Herefordshire
Paul Rouse Rankin Constitutional Club Herefordshire

South UK National Final
John Harris Alexandra Hampshire
Leighton Marchant Alexandra Hampshire
Ollie Armstrong Alexandra Hampshire
Sophie Murray Alexandra Hampshire
Jason Nowlin Bell Hotel Suffolk
Jo Brei-Crawley Bell Hotel Suffolk
Howard Lewis Copt Oak Leicester
Lyn Russell Copt Oak Leicester
Andy Kew Crab and Winkle Peterborough
Duncan Goode Crab and Winkle Peterborough
Mark Mason Crab and Winkle Peterborough
Max Amos Crab and Winkle Peterborough
Vanessa Farley Crab and Winkle Peterborough
Vanessa Winterburn Crab and Winkle Peterborough
David Govier Crocodile Hertfordshire
Jason Lomax Crocodile Hertfordshire
Mitchell Lane Crocodile Hertfordshire
Valmir Hajdarmataj Crocodile Hertfordshire
teresa Beard Crown and Horseshoe Gloucester
NICK TIMSEN Crows Nest Leicester
Peter Keenan Emporium Fleet
Martin Kelland George Abbott Surrey
Matt Savedra George Abbott Surrey
Andrew Mosforth Greyhound Gloucester
Carl Richardson Greyhound Gloucester
Clive Cooper Greyhound Gloucester
Mike Errington Greyhound Gloucester
Shaun Jackson Greyhound Gloucester
darren taylor Heathcote Leicester
Simon Odom Heathcote Leicester
louisa selley Lennards Essex
stefan valentine Nags Head Leicester
STEVEN CALSTARI Nags Head Leicester
Graham Hales Queens Head Andover
Paul Morris Queens Head (Broxbourne) Wormley
Tom Cook-smith Queens Head (Broxbourne) Wormley
Garry Chambers Railway Tavern Suffolk
Joe Gast Railway Tavern Suffolk
Nigel Gower Rowbarge Surrey
Graham Smith Stoke Surrey
Luke Coates Stoke Surrey
Sam Lowe Stoke Surrey