After numerous days looking at various options and alternatives, we have come to the exceptionally hard decision to reschedule the VEGAS100 2020 trip to early 2021.

With America’s boarders still closed to most foreign travel, and with no site to their reopening we just couldn’t run the risk of traveling this May. Add to that, people’s current financial uncertainty and the dramatic fall in the Pound against the Dollar.

The positive news is that we have managed to secure alternative flights for early 2021 and provisionally rebooked The Orleans. Transportation to and from the airport in Las Vegas has also been rescheduled. We will be announcing these dates as soon as we have had the accommodation signed off.

We have received lots of emails with queries and questions regarding this so we would like to thank all our VEGAS100 qualifiers and guests for their patience and for giving us the time to look at the multiple options we thought of as a team.

After polling nearly 50% of the VEGAS100 qualifiers by phone we soon established that the majority of players preferred to hold off until next year as opposed to a UK final. VEGAS100 is our core brand, an experience that creates memories for life, we want to ensure you that the VEGAS100 2020 will achieve the same high standards and experience as previous finals.

As mentioned in previous posts guest balances are currently on hold until we can get back into the office – once we are back in action, we will be able to provide more details.

Please continue following our Facebook page, VEGAS100 group, and website for updates.