We would like to give you a heads up and details of Redtooth Poker’s plans for restarting the league.

We have consulted directly with Grosvenor Casino’s and have shared the necessary information from the Government to enable us to restart the league in accordance with Covid19 guidelines.

For you to restart the league we have introduced various procedures that will need to be put in place for the league to be conducted in a safe environment for your customers and team to satisfy the Government Guidelines.

We will be providing all venues with a re-start poker pack which will include:

X20 Free Packs Playing Cards* (enough cards to use a brand new deck on every table every week)
X1 Free 8 Seater Table Top* (you can safely seat 4 Players around a Redtooth Poker table which will maintain social distancing guidelines as per the image below.) We are providing this to help accommodate more players.
X1 Pack Antibacterial Hand Wipes to be used to clean cards after use
X1 Card Cleaning Procedure Sheet
X1 Chip Cleaning Procedure Sheet
X1 Seat & Table Cleaning Sheet
X1 Hand Washing Policy
X1 TD Game Night Safety Sheet



The Redtooth Poker league will restart from Sunday 27th September and will run as a 17 week season with 4 qualifiers progressing through to the live regional finals in February/March 2021.

We are advising all venues that players will be required to either
A) pre-book a seat with the Tournament Director in advance of the game night B) Or on a first come first served basis to avoid any confusion.

It is really important that ALL venues, players, and TD’s are proactive in enforcing personal hygiene and cleanliness.
Introducing the new procedures will safeguard, avoid contamination, and spreading infection.


Reiterate to players that if they show any Covid19 symptoms including:
● A high temperature
● A new, continuous cough
● A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

To protect others, please stay at home!!

Be advised it is down to each individual venue to reinstate the league and managers/licensees are the decision-makers in dealing with players who do not follow procedures. Please ensure that players are aware that there will be zero tolerance for not following procedures put in place to maintain social distancing.

In regards to prepaid accounts, you will have approx 5 weeks credit paid from the last season in March this will be deducted from the 17 week season leaving a payment due of 12 weeks at £22.50 +VAT. If your venue had a direct debit set up this was suspended in March if you wish to reinstate this, please contact Redtooth accounts and all brewery venues will need to get in touch to restart invoicing!!

All new venues will be eligible for the free restart poker pack up until the 23rd of October.

The Poker Team is really excited to welcome the league back to your venue and are available to help and support all venues to reintroduce poker down the pub!

If you have any queries or would like help to get your venue ready for the restart date please get in touch with the poker team on 01246 813713.

*Free tables and cards are available to all venues who restart by 23rd October