Final The Rileys Ace of Clubs quarterly final took place at Dusk Till Dawn on Sunday 18th July. With 218 players taking part from the length and bredth of the country it promised to be an exciting battle to see who would be crowned champion and walk away with the £4000 cash prize money.

Simon Trumper, tournament director for the day, announced ‘shuffle up and deal’ at 2pm after a short presentation of certificates and trophies to the 58 individual club winners by John Holmes, Rileys Operations Director and Martin Green, Redtooth Director.

Several hours and blind levels later we were down to the final 18 who were all happy to be taking away a share of the £10,000 prize pool and shortly after the final table was announced as:
Micheal Turnbull, Plymouth – 240k
Michael Findlay, Guildford – 75k
Dirk Wilson, Reading – 160k
Gary Ryding, Wigan – 100k
Stephen Blair, Preston – 55k
Yanuk Wosik, Derby – 510k
Michael Hamnett, Altrincham – 640k
Alan Martin, Barnsley – 155k
Wayne Ginger, Wealdstone – 275k

With a clear chip leader in Michael Hamnett and quite a few short stacked players it wouldn’t take long for the tournament to come to a conclusion. After some fierce battles, the chip leader was eliminated in 4th place swiftly followed by his closest chip rival at the start of the final table, Yanuk Wosik. This left the heads up battle to commence between Dirk Wilson, Reading and Micheal Turnbull, Plymouth.

Well done to Dirk Wilson of Reading taking home £4000 and the winners trophy.

Dirk Wilson

Final Positions:
1st – Dirk Wilson, Reading – £4000
2nd – Micheal Turnbull, Plymouth – £2000
3rd – Yanuk Wosik, Derby – £1000
4th – Micheal Hamnett, Altrincham – £750
5th – Wayner Ginger, Wealdstone – £500
6th – Alan Martin, Barnsley – £400
7th – Michael Findlay, Guildford – £300
8th – Gary Ryding, Wigan – £200
9th – Stephen Blair, Preston – £150

We look forward to seeing you all at Dusk Till Dawn for the next final on Sunday 17th October.