1. vegas100small John Parsons – Crows Nest

2. Jack Foxworthy – Doridge Cricket Club
3. Adam Campion – Anglesey Arms
4. Paul Wilkes – Woolpack
5. Ryan Wallace – Hamstead
6. Sam Brackstone – Hamstead
7. Paul Lacey – Talbot
8. Daniel Murray – Tividale Football Club

Star City in Birmingham hosted the first of two West Midlands finals as over 200 people took their seat in the hope of winning one of many prizes on offer.

Long time Redtooth Poker venue, the Tividale Football Club, won the team event trophy thanks to Carl Smith, Greg Ford, Lynn Smith and Sean Mountney.

Final Table

Seat 1: Paul Lacey – Talbot (146,000)
Seat 2: Tim Robins – Peacock (111,000)
Seat 3: Jack Foxworthy – Doridge Cricket Club (58,500)
Seat 4: Adam Campion – Anglesey Arms (67,000)
Seat 5: Daniel Murray – Tividale Football Club (235,000)
Seat 6: Ryan Vaughan – Merry Boys Inn (43,000)
Seat 7: John Parsons – Crows Nest (135,000)
Seat 8: Sam Brackstone – Hamstead (50,500)
Seat 9: Ryan Wallace – Hamstead (134,500)
Seat 10: Paul Wilkes – Woolpack (45,000)

Two of the bigger stacks had a final to forget as Tim Robins and Daniel Murray were eliminated in 9th and 8th place respectively after Ryan Vaughan left in 10th place. Paul Lacey then hit the rail in 7th place with Sam Brackstone in 6th, Ryan Wallace 5th, Paul Wilkes 4th and Adam Campion 3rd. This left John Parsons and Jack Foxworthy to play for the West Midlands One title and the Vegas 100 seat. Jack, who’s stack was at risk, got his chips in with a dominating hand holding K-8 to John’s K-4. An unfavourable flop of 4-5-6 saw John take lead to his delight. A J-6 turn and river were of no help to Jack as long time Redtooth Poker member John Parsons became the latest member of Vegas 100.