1. vegas100small Sean Palla – Digby

2. Dan Bain – Winding Wheel
3. Craig Butler – Bell Inn
4. Phil Walker – Beacon
5. Dave Plumpton – Pike & Musket
6. Scott Floyd – Foley Arms
7. Guy Coley – Crown
8. Dean Garratt – Tenth Lock

For the second weekend in succession Star City was the venue for our second West Midlands final. There were many prizes to be won like a Vegas package, cash prizes and two crystal glass trophies.

The Drakes Drum in Birmingham won the team event trophy as they had 3 top 50 finishers in Adam Wilkes, David Burke and Simon Buxton. Vijay Duggal also represented the venue.


Final Table

Seat 1: Dean Garratt – Tenth Lock (60,000)
Seat 2: Dan Bain – Winding Wheel (115,000)
Seat 3: Craig Butler – Bell Inn (60,000)
Seat 4: Guy Coley – Crown (145,000)
Seat 5: Jan Palla – Digby (60,000)
Seat 6: Dave Plumpton – Pike & Musket (100,000)
Seat 7: Scott Floyd – Foley Arms (120,000)
Seat 8: Matthew Burke – White Horse (160,000)
Seat 9: Sean Palla – Digby (30,000)
Seat 10: Phil Walker – Beacon (70,000)

The 10 player final table had current Vegas 100 member Phil Walker in attendance along with Father & son Jan Palla and Sean Palla. Jan unfortunately exited first in 10th place, however, he will still make the semi final in 2 weeks time. Chip leader Matthew Burke had a disappointing final leaving in 9th after losing a A-K vs. A-Q match up. Dean Garratt was 8th with Guy Coley 7th, Scott Floyd 6th, Dave Plumpton 5th, Phil Walker 4th and Craig Butler 3rd. Heads-up saw Dan Bain against Sean Palla with stacks fairly even. As Dan Bain became short on chips the final hand was upon us as his J-5 met Sean’s A-Q as the chips went in pre-flop. Dan never really got the help he needed as the board ran off 8-3-6-Q-5 to crown Sean Palla the latest West Midlands Two regional final winner.