1. vegas100small James Stratton – Oxfford

2. Colin Adlam – Talbot
3. David Gill – Commercial
4. Mike Yeo – George
5. Gary Blamire – Beaumont Arms
6. Edward Sowerby – Dog & Partridge
7. Dave Ormiston – Carousel
8. Andy Cairns – Lord Nelson

The Genting Casino in Salford welcomed Redtooth Poker players from Manchester and surrounding areas as another player from the North West would be joining Vegas 100.

Stockport’s Vernon Arms took home their first team event trophy as Thomas Hill, Lee Jackson and Carl Ryder all finished in the top 35.


Final Table

Seat 1: Dave Ormiston – Carousel (112,500)
Seat 2: Andy Cairns – Lord Nelson (67,000)
Seat 3: Ian Whitehead – Haddon Hall (59,000)
Seat 4: James Stratton – Oxfford (54,000)
Seat 5: Gary Blamire – Beaumont Arms (59,000)
Seat 6: Colin Adlam – Talbot (59,000)
Seat 7: Mike Yeo – George VI (92,000)
Seat 8: Danny Long – Beaumont Arms (48,000)
Seat 9: Edward Sowerby – Dog & Partridge (40,500)
Seat 10: David Gill – Commercial (40,000)

The 10 player final table had current Vegas 100 member David Gill in attendance, looking to repeat his season 3 feat and win back to back North West One titles. The first player out was Ian Whitehead in 10th place and he was followed by Danny Long in 9th. Andy Cairns was then eliminated in 8th place with Dave Ormiston in 7th, Edward Sowerby in 6th, Gary Blamire in 5th, Mike Yeo in 4th and David Gill in 3rd. The final two players battled for the day’s top prize with James Stratton and Colin Adlam both dreaming of a trip to Las Vegas. The final hand had Colin at risk holding 5-3 to James’s Q-10. A board of J-4-Q-5-K was of little help to Colin as James became the latest North West One regional final winner.