Rileys, the UK’s largest pool and snooker club operator, has appointed Redtooth to run it’s poker setup. Redtooth will relaunch Rileys’ Ace of Clubs Tournament and run the Redtooth Poker League in over 50 clubs nationwide.

Live poker is a popular attraction at Rileys clubs with over 3,000 members playing weekly. Rileys Chief Executive Maurice Kelly siad: “Redtooth have a proven record of bringing poker players into pubs across the UK. Poker is already very successful in our clubs. We hope the introduction of Redtooth will develop our poker offering.”

Redtooth Director Steve Saul said: “We are delighted to be working with Rileys. Redtooth are pleased that another top leisure operator has joined our long list of clients.”

Riley’s commercial agreement with Redtooth comes into effect this September.