1. Steve Lewis – South Beach Residence

2. Judith Milne – Gunner
3. Martin Bremner – Green Dragon
4. Declan Raine – Crows Nest
5. Andy Leigh – Queslett
6. John Greenwood – Fox Inn
7. Alex McBride – Gartocher
8. Kris Swinbanks – Crows Nest

The second leg of the Redtooth Poker Tour kicked off in Newcastle as around 60 players were hoping to be the latest member of the Vegas 100 club. The current UK Pub Poker Champion, Bobby Regan, was present in his home town as his quest to re-qualify got under way. The Newcastle leg also saw the return of the 2012 UK Pub Poker Champion, Dean Dunkerley, as the field also included many of the 2013 Vegas 100 members. It’s safe to say we had a very strong line-up.

Final Table Chip Counts

95,000 Alex McBride – Gartocher
79,000 John Greenwood – Fox Inn
74,000 Kris Swinbanks – Crows Nest
68,000 Andy Leigh – Queslett
57,000 Declan Raine – Crows Nest
56,000 Steve Lewis – South Beach Residence
55,000 Judith Milne – Gunner
31,000 Bev Appleby – Railway Inn
30,000 Martin Bremner – Green Dragon
25,000 Gary Myerscough – New Crown

The Final Hand

Our final two players came down to a battle of the sexes as Steve Lewis, who was looking to become the first player ever to qualify for a second Vegas 100 trip, matched up against North Shields’ Judith Milne. The final hand saw Steve’s K-10 showdown against Judith’s Q-J. The flop was of no help to Judith, who was at risk, as it peeled off 10-4-7. The turn and river were equally as unhelpful as an A & 4 hit the felt. With two pairs 10s & 4s, Steve Lewis from Blyth became the latest Vegas 100 member! Congratulations Steve.

The tour now moves further south and visits the Genting Casino in Liverpool on it’s 3rd stop! You can buy-in to the Liverpool leg here