1. Gordon Cuthill – Ceres Inn, Ceres

2. Graham Kettles – Zoar Inn, Forfar
3. Pat Stewart – Butchers Arms, Aberdeen
4. James Mann – Mither Tap, Aberdeen
5. Michael Paterson Snr – Kitty Brewster, Aberdeen
6. Ben Ferrie – Zoar Inn, Forfar
7. Michael Paterson Jnr – Northern Bar, Aberdeen
8. Gary Tyronney – Auctioneers, Inverness
9. Julie Hamilton – Ceres Inn, Ceres
10. Ken Roberts – Dow’s, Inverness

The Grosvenor Casino in Aberdeen welcomed our North Scottish contingent as once again they kicked off our regional finals for season three. After picking up a well deserved team event, the Ceres Inn started the final with two finalists in Gordon Cuthill and Julie Hamilton. Michael Paterson Snr led the final on 125,000 chips with Julie Hamilton the short stack on only 16,000 chips.

Final Table Chip Stacks

1. Michael Paterson Jnr – 125,000
2. Gordon Cuthill – 116,000
3. Ben Ferrie – 43,000
4. Graham Kettles – 36,000
5. James Mann – 23,000
6. Pat Stewart – 22,000
7. Julie Hamilton – 16,000
8. Michael Paterson Jnr – 10,000
9. Gary Tyronney – 5,000

Our heads-up match was between Gordon Cuthill and Graham Kettles with Gordon looking to join his compatriot Laura Duff in qualifying for our Vegas 100 National Final. The final hand saw Graham holding A-10 to Gordon’s 9-6 with Graham at risk for his tournament life. A 9 ‘in the window’ propelled Gordon into the lead which he never relinquished on a 9-Q-5-3-8 board. Congratulations Gordon Cuthill.

Team Event Winner: Ceres Inn, Ceres
Julie Hamilton
Laura Duff
Martin Campbell
Gordon Cuthill