Winner Brant Harrison-web

The Brakspear brewery, based in Henley-on-Thames near London, have completed an in-house 12 week poker tournament which was supported and administered by Redtooth Poker. The top prize for the grand final winner was a seat into our Vegas 100 National Final, to be played in Las Vegas in May 2015. With over 10 Brakspear pubs taking part in the tournament 4 players from each venue would qualify for the grand final at the Grosvenor Casino in Reading. Lets see how it all came to an enthralling conclusion…


1. Brant Harrison – Saracens Head, Henley-on-Thames

2. Nathan Lewis – Dog & Duck, Wokingham
3. Dennis Sanderson – Angel on the Bridge, Henley-on-Thames
4. Leon Brown – Angel on the Bridge, Henley-on-Thames
5. Graham Case – Saracens Head, Henley-on-Thames
6. Nina Porter – Saracens Head, Henley-on-Thames
7. David Colin – Unicorn, Henley-on-Thames
8. Matyas Lengyel – Angel on the Bridge, Henley-on-Thames
9. James Hinsley – Dog & Duck, Wokingham
10. James Drinkwater – Dog & Duck, Wokingham

Brant Harrison from the Saracens Head took the title after defeating Nathan Lewis from the Dog & Duck heads-up. 2nd-7th will all be invited to Coventry to take part in our UK National Final with another 10 Vegas 100 seats up for grabs. Congratulations Brant and we’ll see you in Las Vegas!