The Redtooth Poker Tour is BACK for 2015/16 for it’s third year in succession! We have made adjustments and improvements to make this the best year yet. All we need is for our fantastic members to play as many legs as possible!

The tour this year will consist of 10 legs once again around the UK with new venues in un-chartered territories, and again, the winner of each leg will win a seat into VEGAS100 2016!

All tour legs will be dealer dealt from start to finish and £5 from every buy-in will go towards the prize-pool which will be paid out in a standard casino structure. RPT Blackpool will see £10 from each player go into the prize-pool. 7 UK National Final seats will also be awarded per leg.

Our most exciting addition to this year’s tour is an RPT Leaderboard. We will use the usual Redtooth Poker points structure with season ticket holders starting the year with a 50 point bonus. The prize for the end of year winner is a VEGAS100 guest ticket!

Our Blackpool leg will be a weekend of hot poker action with a team event being played on Saturday, the day before the RPT leg. All 4 players from the winning team will win VEGAS100 guest tickets.

LEG 1 – Bristol

    • Max Players: 120
    • Where: Grosvenor Casino, Anchor Road
    • When: Sunday 28th June 2015
    • Buy-in: £20+£5

LEG 2 – Brighton

    • Max Players: 120
    • Where: Grosvenor Casino, Grand Junction Road
    • When: Sunday 26th July 2015
    • Buy-in: £20+£5

LEG 3 – Coventry

    • Max Players: 120
    • Where: Grosvenor Casino, Ricoh Arena
    • When: Sunday 16th August 2015
    • Buy-in: £20+£5

LEG 4 – Blackpool

    • Max Players: 200
    • Where: Grosvenor Casino, The Sandcastle, Promenade
    • When: Sunday 27th September 2015
    • Buy-in: £25+£5

LEG 4: Team Event

    • Max Teams: 50
    • Where: Grosvenor Casino, The Sandcastle, Promenade
    • When: Saturday 26th September 2015
    • Buy-in: £25+£5

LEG 5 – Stockton

    • Max Players: 120
    • Where: Grosvenor Casino, Chandlers Wharf
    • When: Sunday 25th October 2015
    • Buy-in: £20+£5

LEG 6 – Leicester

    • Max Players: 120
    • Where: Grosvenor Casino, Highcross Street
    • When: Sunday 8th November 2015
    • Buy-in: £20+£5

LEG 7 – Leeds

    • Max Players: 120
    • Where: Grosvenor Casino, Merrion Way
    • When: Sunday 13th December 2015
    • Buy-in: £20+£5

LEG 8 – Dundee

    • Max Players: 120
    • Where: Grosvenor Casino, West Marketgait
    • When: Sunday 24th January 2016
    • Buy-in: £20+£5

LEG 9 – Manchester

    • Max Players: 120
    • Where: Grosvenor Casino, Bury New Road
    • When: Sunday 7th February 2016
    • Buy-in: £20+£5

LEG 10 – Reading

    • Max Players: 120
    • Where: Grosvenor Casino, Rose Kiln Lane
    • When: Saturday 5th March 2016
    • Buy-in: £20+£5

All tickets are subject to availability and there is no cap on the amount of tickets you can buy. It is on a first come first served basis. Registration for all events will be from 11am with the tournament starting at 1pm.



  • Players must have played at least 4 Redtooth Poker games in the last 12 months to be eligible for the Redtooth Poker Tour.

The prize (VEGAS100) is only available to the following people:

  • The winner of each regional final throughout the 2015/16 Redtooth Poker year.
  • The final 5 players at each UK National Final (Dates and venues TBC).
  • The winner of each Redtooth Poker Tour event.
  • The winner of each VEGAS100 online qualifier.
  • The VEGAS100 trip will take place in May 2016, you will be informed of the exact dates by the end of September 2015 and winners must be available to travel on the dates specified by Redtooth. Redtooth will provide flights to and from a UK airport, transfers to and from the hotel and accommodation in Las Vegas for each person. Winners are responsible for getting to and from the designated airport in the UK. Hotel occupancy is based on sharing a twin room. Single occupancy rooms can be made available if requested, but a supplement would be payable by yourself.
  • You need to inform Redtooth of your full name (as it appears on your passport), your date of birth, your passport number, the country of issue of your passport and your country of residence and proof of your ESTA approval by 31st January 2016. If you win the trip after the 31st January 2016 you will have 30 days from the date of qualification to do this. Your Passport must have at least six months left on it from date of travel. Failure to do so may result in you not being able to travel.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you are able to travel to the USA. The cost of an ESTA is roughly $14 and is valid for 2 years. It is advisable that you do this as soon as possible as if you are not cleared to travel to the USA via an ESTA you will need to apply for a Visa which may take up to 22 weeks to arrive. Failure to do this will result in you not being allowed into the USA. You can apply for your ESTA via –
  • All winners & guests must hold a valid passport and be eligible to visit the USA and arrange suitable travel insurance as needed.
  • Redtooth will not book your flight until you have had your ESTA/Visa approved.
  • No alternative prizes will be made available.
  • Redtooth reserve the right to change or amend this prize.
  • There will be no refund on any monies paid to Redtooth by players and/or guests after the 31st January 2016.

Please note: Dates and venues are subject to change, Redtooth cannot be held responsible for any personal costs incurred for this eventuality.