After numerous levels of not seeing decent cards and not being able to steal the blinds, Brett finally looked down at Ac Jc on the big blind. There had already been a raise from the player in seat 5. Brett thought he could push the player off the pot with his all-in bet, he was wrong and the player called quickly with Qh 10s.
The flop came Ks 7d 10d…….Turn 3h……River 5s.

Brett lasted 10 hours of play and finished in 176th position but¬†loved his time on the poker rollercoaster! He not only got to hang out with some of the UK’s best poker pro’s but got the chance to play for a share of the ¬£100,000 prize pool…..courtesy of Redtooth Poker

Get em next time Brett!!!!

Scott Marsh
National Poker Manager