Jackie Lally from the New Crown in South Shields had a Thursday night to forever remember, and if not before will certainly now have a favourite starting hand! There was Jackie, looking down at AJ of spades, having no idea what was to come next…..

Jackie made a standard raise with her broadway hand, but was put in an awkward spot as her initial raise was met by a re-raise. Jackie made the call and saw a flop of QsKsT. Jackie bet her flopped straight and was then re-raised all in by her opponent, Jackie called and both players flipped over the nuts with AJ. As it turned out, Jackie was free-rolling her opponent as the Royal Flush draw loomed large. The turn was the 7 of spades, meaning Jackie had hit her flush but much more spectacularly the river was the 10 of spades completing the Royal Flush. That was the first ever Royal Flush to be hit in the pub since they joined Redtooth Poker in 2007. A couple of hands later Jackie also went on to win another hand with Four Of A Kind 9’s, needless to say she won the tournament that night!

Congratulations Jackie!