Nine months ago Martin Wilcox & Andrew Savin took over the running of the Redtooth Poker league at the Brunswick in Bournemouth. At the time their poker night was just one table averaging 7-9 players a week. What looked like a lost cause was a challenge and an opportunity for Martin and Andy. The lads set themselves three goals.

1) To be playing four tables within twelve months.
2) To make it an all inclusive playing experience by encouraging more young players such as the foreign language students, more female friendly thus encouraging husband & wife players.
3) To make it the busiest and best all inclusive poker league in Bournemouth.

During the past nine months with the help of Redtooth posters, marketing via Facebook, and good old fashioned word of mouth, they have steadily built up the numbers and on Tuesday 1st September they had five tables running with 48 players. The pub has it’s own dedicated room, with a large screen projector for all the sports, a good music system with a variety of music of our own choice in the background, and more importantly, due to the numbers, they have table service so the players don’t have to leave the table during play therefore vastly increasing the pubs wet trade.

The pub are proud to say they have hit the numbers and can boast players from Poland, Romania, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Colombia, and even have players who are croupiers at the local Grovesnor Casino, who come to relax and enjoy an evening of poker. They have exceeded their goals and time frame with a little hard work and enthusiasm, but more importantly a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Martin, Andy and the staff at the Brunswick would like to thank everyone who attend and play in their Tuesday league, they all make it a great night out.

They would also like to thank Farhad Jorbezeh for taking the photos, David Fry for his support and last but no means least, Tim Aiken of the Hop & Kilderkin in Bournemouth for the ongoing loan of two poker tables and his support and help throughout.

They hope that by what they have achieved, it will encourage all of you to think outside the box and ask yourself how can I improve my poker night.