WINNER – John Wignell – Ye Olde Black horse, Sidcup

02 Scott Camies – Ye Olde Black horse, Sidcup
03 Laura Kanji – Jolly Fenman, Sidcup
04 Peter Sandles – Malling Town Club, Malling
05 Wayne Sill – Robin Hood, Tunbridge Wells
06 Malcolm Ellery – Old Ash Tree, Chatham
07 Daniel Taylor – Elliotts, Purley
08 Les Parmenter – White Lion, Warlingham
09 Jake Frake – Railway Tavern, Bexley
10 Terry Prett – View, Croydon

The Poker Room in London hosted our East London final which saw another player off to Las Vegas next year for VEGAS100 2016. £500 was also shared amongst the top finishers and the best represented venue was awarded with a crystal glass trophy.

The first award was the team event which was won convincingly by the Ye Olde Black Horse in Sidcup. Congratulations to Marc Thompson, Trudi Legion and finalists John Wignell and Scott Camies.

Our 10 player final lined up with Wayne Sill leading the field on 182,000 in chips, however, the performance of the final goes to Scott Camies who guided his 38,000 short stack into the heads-up encounter with team mate and previous VEGAS100 qualifier John Wignell. The tournament came to an end in style as John Wignell was dealt K-10 to Scott’s A-2. The final board ran off in John’s favour as a 2-5-10-10-10 hit the board to give John Wignell Quad 10s and crown him a double VEGAS100 qualifier.

Final Table Chip Stacks

01 Wayne Sill – 182,000
02 John Wignell – 163,000
03 Jake Frake – 147,000
04 Laura Kanji – 80,000
05 Daniel Taylor – 77,000
06 Peter Sandles – 69,000
07 Malcolm Ellery – 67,000
08 Les Parmenter – 42,000
09 Terry Prett – 41,000
10 Scott Camies – 38,000