WINNER – Richard Williams – Ferndale Hotel, Rhondda

02 Brandon Davies – Tylorstown Ex-Sevicemens Club, Tylorstown
03 Kelvin Snell – Hollybush, Cardiff
04 Richard Davies – Ferndale Hotel, Rhondda
05 Danny Stephenson – Tumble Inn, Pontypridd
06 Bernt Fuglsety – Black Lion, Cardiff
07 Jack Evans – Two Brewers, Bridgend
08 Mark Jewell – Courthouse, Caerphilly
09 Mike Jeffers – Black Lion, Cardiff
10 Eddie Evans – Mackintosh, Cardiff

Our Welsh members visited the Grosvenor Casino in Cardiff to compete in our Welsh regional final. Over 100 players were all playing for the day’s top prize, qualification into VEGAS100 next year. Failing that there was still a share of £500 to play for and many UK National Final seats.

The day’s best represented venue was recognised with a crystal glass trophy to take back to the pub. On this occasion the Ferndale Hotel in Rhondda triumphed with 2 finalists as they pipped the Black Lion in Cardiff to the title. Congratulations to Richard Davies, Richard Williams, Rob Evans & Thomas Challenger.

Richard Williams kicked off the final as the big stack but he had Mark Jewell to contest against who was on his third final table in a row, surely a big contender in Vegas next year. Jack Evans was also on the final table who was part of the 2015 VEGAS100 trip. However, the heads-up match was contested between Richard Williams and Brandon Davies, both from the Rhondda area. The tournament came to an end with Richard tabling A-9 to Brandon’s Q-J with Brandon at risk. Unfortunately Brandon couldn’t get the help he needed as the board ran off 9-K-2-6-6 to eliminate Brandon and make Richard Williams the new Wales champion.

Final Table Chip Stacks

01 Kelvin Snell – 107,500
02 Jack Evans – 81,000
03 Danny Stephenson – 66,000
04 Richard Williams – 57,500
05 Brandon Davies – 53,500
06 Mike Jeffers – 47,000
07 Richard Davies – 46,500
08 Eddie Evans – 23,000
09 Mark Jewell – 21,5,000
10 Bernt Fuglsety – 16,000