WINNER – Matthew Perry – Black Lion, Cardiff

02 Lee Froud – King William IV, Barry
03 Matthew Jones – Crown, Newport
04 Ben Miles – Trallwn WMC, Pontypridd
05 Brent Fuglseth – Black Lion, Cardiff
06 Richard Webb – Molloys, Bridgend
07 Mark Jeffrey – King William IV, Barry
08 Simon Mitchell – Cwmbran Celtic Sports Club, Cwmbran
09 David Broome – Crown, Newport

The Grosvenor Casino in Wales welcomed a big Welsh crowd as over 100 players all sat down with the hope of winning the last Welsh VEGAS100 seat. £500 was also awarded on the day totalling over £1,500 worth of prizes.

Another award on offer was the team event trophy which goes to the best represented venue. With 2 finalists in Matthew Perry and Brent Fuglseth the Black Lion in Cardiff took home the award. Congratulations to the Black Lion team.

Our 9 player final saw Richard Webb lead the pack on 134,000 in chips with David Broome the short stack on just 15,000 chips. Unfortunately for David he couldn’t make any inroads in this final table as he exited in 9th place respectively. With Matthew Jones exiting in 3rd place we were left with Matthew Perry and Lee Froud to contest the VEGAS100 seat and remaining cash prize of £200. The tournament came to an end as Matthew and Lee both committed their stacks with 10-8 & J-9 with Lee at risk for his tournament life. The board ran out 5-6-Q-10-Q in Matthew Perry‘s favour to crown him the new Wales regional champion.

Final Table Chip Stacks

01 Richard Webb – 134,000
02 Lee Froud – 107,000
03 Matthew Jones – 77,000
04 Ben Miles – 66,000
05 Simon Mitchell – 65,000
06 Matthew Perry – 41,000
07 Mark Jeffrey – 38,000
08 Brent Fuglseth – 31,000
09 David Broome – 15,000