WINNER – Nate John – Pear Tree, Purley

02 Gareth Taylor – Globe, Chelmsford
03 David Capp – William Camden, Bexley Heath
04 Chris Langford – Travellers Joy, Rayleigh
05 Glenn Pinch – Globe, Chelmsford
06 Carl Vaughan – Wharf, Grays
07 Denis Ware – Star Meadow Sports Club, Gillingham
08 Wikki Shafi – Lord Palmerston, Walthamstow
09 Simon Poore – Tiger Moth, Chatham
10 John Corps – White Lion, Warlingham

Our East London final was played at The Poker Room on Edgware Road in London as another seat into VEGAS100 was up for grabs as well as cash prizes and seats into March’s UK South National Final.

The best venue on the day was the Red Lion in Lindfield. They were represented by Simon Wycherley, Ben Coomber, Daniel Yanukov & Laura Hollingsworth. They take back a crystal glass trophy to be displayed behind the bar.

Our 10 player final table saw previous VEGAS100 player Chris Langford lead the field on 168,000 with Gareth Taylor the short stack on just 9,000 chips. Gareth almost went on to make the comeback of the season as he grew his 9k stack big enough to make the heads-up match against Nate John with a seat into VEGAS100 going to the winner. Unfortunately this was one step too far as Gareth’s K-2 was outdrawn by Nate’s 8-6 on a Q-9-2-6-7 board to crown Nate John the new East London regional champion.

Final Table Chip Stacks

01 Chris Langford – 168,000
02 David Capp – 137,000
03 Carl Vaughan – 133,000
04 Nate John – 119,000
05 Glenn Pinch – 106,000
06 Wikki Shafi – 90,000
07 Denis Ware – 88,000
08 John Corps – 76,000
09 Simon Poore – 60,000
10 Gareth Taylor – 9,000