WINNER – Hugh O’Donnell – VEGAS100

02. Paul Harrison – UK National Final Seat
03. Matt Thomas – UK National Final Seat
04. Adam Patterson – UK National Final Seat
05. Martyn Park-Carpenter – UK National Final Seat
06. Steve Allen – UK National Final Seat
07. Chris Burrell – UK National Final Seat
08. Adam Bennett – UK National Final Seat
09. Scott Bailey – UK National Final Seat
10. Victor Foster – UK National Final Seat

The final leg of the Redtooth Poker Tour kicked off in Reading to bring to a close the most successful pub poker tour in the UK. A sell-out of 120 players took their seat to battle for one of the last remaining VEGAS100 seats. £600 in cash was also shared amongst the top finishing players.

The last final table of the tour proved to be a nail biting one with the winner of the Redtooth Poker Tour leader board going down to the wire. Paul Harrison who started as the chip leader was the only player who could dislodge the current leader Andy Moores. To do this, Paul would need a victory which would in-turn secure his second golden ticket of the year! When short stack Matt Thomas made an impressive fightback to finish in 3rd place we were left with Paul and Hugh O’Donnell, still with a lot on the line. The tournament finished with Hugh getting his chips in with 9-7 to Paul’s Q-2 with Paul at risk. Paul needed help to keep the dream alive but an unfavourable board ran off as 9-J-4-2-5 to eliminate Paul in 2nd place and crown Hugh O’Donnell a two-time VEGAS100 qualifier.

Final Table Chip Stacks

01. Paul Harrison – 222,000
02. Hugh O’Donnell – 190,000
03. Chris Burrell – 161,000
04. Adam Patterson – 110,000
05. Adam Bennett – 106,000
06. Martyn Park-Carpenter – 100,000
07. Steve Allen – 87,000
08. Victor Foster – 85,000
09. Scott Bailey – 82,000
10. Matt Thomas – 59,000