Here is a full list of Redtooth’s new games which are EXCLUSIVE to Redtooth members on Betred Poker. Betfred are kindly giving away $500 ADDED money on top of the prizepools to our members EVERY week. We would really appreciate your support in these tournaments as a healthy turnout for these could result in MORE money being given away to our members in the future. It is also a chance for you and your competitors to spice up your games together with a small buy-in. Small stakes cash games will also be available around the clock and will be found in the cash game lobby.

Please note: Only players who have signed up to Betfred through the Redtooth affiliate link may enter these tournaments. If you are a Redtooth member and didn’t sign up to Betfred using the Redtooth link then your account MAY be able to get transferred over to the Redtooth affiliate account. Please contact us on for more details, you will need to include your membership number and pub name.

Redtooth Online Tournaments
Sundays: Redtooth Tavern Online Pub League @ 14:00 GMT
Sundays: $200 ADDED $3+0.30c buy in tournament @ 15:00 GMT.
Fridays: $100 ADDED $2+0.20c buy in tournament @ 21:00 GMT
Saturdays: $100 ADDED $2+0.20c buy in tournament @ 13:00 GMT (turbo format)
Saturdays: $100 ADDED $2+0.20c buy in tournament @ 17:00 GMT (turbo format).

Redtooth Online Cash Games
0.02c/0.04c NLHE
0.05c/0.10c NLHE