The Redtooth Poker family stretches much further than the Redtooth Poker league. For those of you who don’t know, back in 2014 Redtooth Poker, the UK’s largest pub poker league, bought The Nuts Poker League who was and still is comfortably the 2nd largest pub poker league in the UK!

The Nuts Poker League boasts over 250 LIVE venues and in 2017 they will have a yearly prize fund of £70,000. In addition they will also be sending FIVE players to Las Vegas to join forces with Redtooth Poker and be a part of the Great Britain poker team in the World League Poker Championships.

They are also one of the original pub poker leagues and are still going strong after an impressive 11 years in operation.

Their players are also welcome to play in the Redtooth Poker Tour which the UK’s largest pub poker tour! Just one of a few exciting link-ups between the UK’s two largest pub poker leagues.

Steve Bellis, the former owner of The Nuts Poker League, also appeared on Dragon’s Den and secured a £65,000 investment!

You can watch the pitch below…