The final leg of the 2017/18 Redtooth Poker Tour signed off in style in the capital with 150 runners competing for the final RPT VEGAS100 golden ticket. The winner of the leaderboard would also be found but there were still 25 players in with a chance of overtaking Liam Hamilton at the top. When Colin Gray exited in 9th place, the race for the guest ticket was over as nobody else remaining could catch Liam. Liam, who has already secured a VEGAS100 2018 seat now gets a free guest ticket to go with it, congratulations Liam!

As for the tournament winner, season ticket holder Phillip Longley took down the final RPT leg to win his first VEGAS100 seat. Phillip beat Londoner Mark Matthews heads-up to end the tournament as the winner. Good luck in Vegas Phillip, who will now be playing for a share of a £25,000 prize-pool!


WINNER – Phillip Longley – VEGAS100

02. Mark Matthews – UK National Final Seat
03. Dan Parsons – UK National Final Seat
04. Kevin Whaley – UK National Final Seat
05. Mark Ransom – UK National Final Seat
06. Nathan Farmer – UK National Final Seat
07. David Woolfson – UK National Final Seat
08. William Powell – UK National Final Seat
09. Colin Gray – UK National Final Seat
10. Robbie Scott – UK National Final Seat

Final Table Chip Stacks

01. Phillip Longley – 541,000
02. Dan Parsons – 252,000
03. Kevin Whaley – 171,000
04. Mark Ransom – 142,000
05. William Powell – 121,000
06. Nathan Farmer – 101,000
07. Colin Gray – 59,000
08. Mark Matthews – 51,000
09. David Woolfson – 36,000

Final Hand

Phillip Longley: 6s-7s
Board: 2c-9h-8d 10s Ac
Mark Matthews: Ad-2s

Redtooth Poker Tour Top 3

1st Liam Hamilton – 240 points
2nd Phillip Longley – 235 points
3rd Tracie Wing – 225 points

The full leaderboard can be found here

The RPT schedule for 2018/19 has now been released and can be found in the ‘RPT’ tab.