west-mids-2-winner1Another West Midlands final meant another group of budding poker players would head on down to the Circus Casino, Star City all fighting for the title of regional champion and the all important seat into the prestigious National Final.

As players were eliminated the remaining runners could see their prizes getting ever closer, and when the final table of 10 commenced two players knew that they would be leaving the tournament emptied handed. As chip leader Carl Slater of the Master Potter, Stoke on Trent had his chip stack slowly reduced he couldn’t hold on any longer and would eventually finish in fourth place. The final heads up was the battle of the black country between the shortstack, Janet Tulloch of the Raven, Birmingham and Tel Sharman of the Hilly House, Dudley. Tel was fairly confident his Kc Qs would provide him with the winning hand over Janet’s pair of 10’s, especially when the flop came with 2s Qh Ad. The turn revealed Kd giving Tel the two pairs and only a Jack would save Janet. The river was in Tel’s favour as it delivered the 5h giving him the win and the £500 cash prize.

Cash Prize Winners and National Final Qualifiers
1st Tel Sharman – Hilly House, Dudley
2nd Janet Tulloch – Raven, Birmingham
3rd A Sheffield – Golden Hind, Great Barr
4th Carl Slater – Master Potter, Stoke on Trent
5th Leigh Moore – Hilly House, Dudley
6th Martin Evans – Rileys, Coventry
7th John Carroll – Cat & Fiddle, Great Barr
8th Andy Baker – Red Lion, Solihull