s_england_winner_webNew venue ‘Shuffles’ would play host to our South England regional final. As always, in this region, an excellent turn out ensured it would be an excellent tournament.

After several hours play the final table would commence, and having already landed a place in the National Final, Jez Guttridge of the Plough & Barleycorn, Portsmouth only had winning in his sights. The chip leader, Jonny Yorke of Milford on Sea Club couldn’t hold onto his chip lead and was knocked out in fourth place, shortly followed by Jamie Donovan of the Swallow, Andover leaving the final heads up to be battled out between Ash Gray of the Old Farmhouse, Totton and Jez Guttridge. As the final hand was dealt Jez was hoping for a flush with his Qh 7h whilst Ash was looking for the straight with his Kh 10s. The flop delivered 6d 5c Ks giving Ash a pair of kings and Jez the slim chance of a straight. The turn revealed 7c, which marginally helped Jez, and as the river dealt the final blow of 2h, Jez’s dream of champion was over. Well done Ash.

Cash Prize Winners
1st Ash Gray – Old Farmhouse, Totton
2nd Jez Guttridge – Plough & Barleycorn, Portsmouth
3rd Jamie Donovan – Swallow, Andover
4th Jonny Yorke – Milford on Sea Club
5th Andy Adey – Hobbit, Southampton
6th Mark Fletcher – Lamb, Newbury
7th Adrian Christie – Stourvale, Christchurch
8th Jamie Brennan – Hinkler, Southampton

National Final Qualifiers
Ash Gray
Jamie Donovan
Jonny Yorke
Andy Adey
Mark Fletcher
Adrian Christie