Redtooth Poker are proud to announce that for the 2011/12 National Final as well as the £12,000 cash prizes we usually offer we will also be flying the final table of 9 players to Las Vegas to complete the tournament and crown the UK Pub Poker Champion™ in the Poker Capital of the world.*


The top 440 players from around the country that have qualified from their respective Regional Finals will come together on Sunday 25th March 2012 at Dusk Till Dawn, Nottingham and battle it out until just 9 players remain. We will then fly each of these players and their guest to Las Vegas, at a later date to complete the tournament.

The Last Table, Las Vegas journey will continue with a flight to Las Vegas on a Monday. Tuesday will be a day to explore the sights and delights of Las Vegas at leisure. Wednesday will see the tournament recommence with each player returning to the table with the chips they had when the clock stopped at Dusk Till Dawn. The final table will be played with an amended clock to give each player a glittering poker experience. Thursday will be a day of R’n’R to recover from Wednesday’s poker marathon.

On Friday we will return to the UK with the new UK Pub Poker Champion™

You can download our flyer by clicking here (PDF)

*Last Table. Las Vegas –  Terms and Conditions
  1. The prize (Last Table. Las Vegas or LTLV) is only available to the final 9 players who qualify at the 2011/12 National Final to be held at Dusk Till Dawn on Sun 25th March 2012 – this is the final table.
  2. The final table will be played at a Casino in Las Vegas, USA and each player will start the tournament with the chip total that they finished with at the National Final.
  3. There will be a new tournament structure for the day and the levels will be restarted.
  4. All prize money and positions will be awarded as normal.
  5. First place becomes the UK Pub Poker Champion™ and receives the prize money, title, champagne and trophy.
  6. All qualifiers must hold a valid passport and be eligible to visit the USA and arrange suitable travel insurance as needed.
  7. The Last Table. Las Vegas event is only available to players aged 21 or over due to gaming laws in Nevada. This means that if a player who is under 21 makes the final nine players they would be ineligible for the LTLV. We would however record them as finishing in 9th place and they would win a holiday package for two to the USA in addition to the usual cash prize. The final table would then be 8 players. This offer is strictly for someone who is under 21 and therefore cannot play in Las Vegas. If more than one player under 21 qualified then the alternative prize would be offered to each of them.
  8. The LTLV event would take place two months after the National Final, dates will be advised by Sep 2011. Qualifiers must be available to travel on the dates specified by Redtooth.
  9. Redtooth will provide flights from a UK airport (TBC) and accommodation in Las Vegas for each player and one guest. Players are responsible for getting to and from the UK airport.
  10. No alternative prizes will be made available. Redtooth reserve the right to change or amend this prize.