East Midlands Champion

Andrew Bowser of the Windsor Castle, Nottingham has qualified for each regional final this year but has never managed to become the regional champion until now. With the stakes higher and the competition stiffer than ever, Andrew pulled out all the stops to become this seasons East Midlands Champion despite having already qualified for the National Final earlier this year.

Andrew Bowser

National Final Qualifiers
Ryan Norris, Half Moon (2nd)
Adrian West, Golden Pheasant (3rd)
Steve Oliver, Top Spot Club (4th)
Adam Bone, Vernon Arms (5th)
Matt Price, Oadby Owl (6th)
Alan Young, Commercial Inn (7th)
                                                                                                          Martin ‘Billy’ Bremner, Half Moon (8th)
                                                                                                          James Kane, Oadby Owl (9th)