South England Winner

The South England regional final was again hosted by the Farmhouse Inn in Portsmouth. A very competitive tournament saw Phillip Drinkwater of the Lock, Stock & Barrel, Newbury become the regions Champion. The standard of poker at the Lock, Stock and Barrel must be very high as they now have two regional final winners and had two players on the final table this season, well done!

National Final Qualifiers
Phillip Drinkwater, Lock, Stock & Barrel (1st)
Robbie Woodward, Bull (2nd)
Scott Ryan, Anton Arms (3rd)
Stuart Atkinson, White Hart (4th)

Other Cash Prize Winners
Andy Gove, Lock, Stock & Barrel (5th)
Cat Stephenson, Golden Lion (6th)
Michael Brant, Locomotive (7th)
Mick Lavender, Red Lion (8th)