Redtooth Poker Micro Series

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Redtooth Poker and Genting Poker are proud to bring you a fantastic online tournament series with $3,500 of ADDED money up for grabs. There will be 10 online qualifiers with various buy-ins and amounts of added money. The top 5 from each qualifier will win a seat into the 50 player Grand Final with a whopping $1,500 ADDED.

The tournament series kicks off on 24th November at 7:30 and you can sign up to Genting Poker via the link below! Registration is now open so REGISTER NOW!


Q1. Freeroll – $150 Added – Saturday 24th November 7:30pm
Q2. $1+$0.10 – $250 Added – Saturday 24th November 8:00pm
Q3. Freeroll – $150 Added – Saturday 1st December 7:30pm
Q4. $2+$0.20 – $250 Added – Saturday 1st December 8:00pm
Q5. Freeroll – $150 Added – Saturday 8th December 7:30pm
Q6. $3+$0.30 – $250 Added – Saturday 8th December 8:00pm
Q7. Freeroll – $150 Added – Saturday 15th December 7:30pm
Q8. $4+$0.40 – $250 Added – Saturday 15th December 8:00pm
Q9. Freeroll – $150 Added – Saturday 22nd December 7:30pm
Q10. $5+$0.50 – $250 Added – Saturday 22nd December 8:00pm

Grand Final

Grand Final: $1,500 Added – Sunday 23rd December 7:00pm

Top 5 from each qualifier entered into the 50 player Grand Final. Invite Only

How To Create An Account

To download Genting Poker and create a free account click here

Where Are The Passwords?

You can find the passwords to all of the qualifiers via our online section

Good Luck!!