1. vegas100small Robert Hession – New Inn

2. Lewis Dawe – Carpenters Arms
3. Simon Duggan – Cwmbran Celtic Sports Club
4. Martin Watkins – Courthouse
5. Bouw Ware – Upper Cock Inn
6. David Case – King William IV
7. Daniel Williams – Moathouse
8. Chris Wojcikowski – Barn Public House

Cardiff’s Grosvenor Casino welcomed the second half of our Welsh members as the 8th Vegas 100 member from the Wales region would be found. Another three semi-finalists would be heading to Sheffield at the end of March with eight players sharing £500.

The Carpenters Arms claimed the Wales Two team trophy as they had two finalists in Adam Lodge and Lewis Dawe. Arnoldas Alubauskas and Daniel Parsons also represented the venue.


Final Table

Seat 1: Bouw Ware – Upper Cock Inn (67,000)
Seat 2: David Case – King William IV (24,000)
Seat 3: Simon Duggan – Cwmbran Celtic Sports Club (52,000)
Seat 4: Martin Watkins – Courthouse (60,000)
Seat 5: Adam Lodge – Carpenters Arms (18,000)
Seat 6: Paul Hughes – Three Blackbirds (14,000)
Seat 7: Lewis Dawe – Carpenters Arms (18,000)
Seat 8: Chris Wojcikowski – Barn Public House (16,000)
Seat 9: Robert Hession – New Inn (47,000)
Seat 10: Daniel Williams – Moathouse (73,000)

A 10 player final saw team event winner Adam Lodge exit in 10th place and Paul Hughes in 9th place. The remaining eight were guaranteed at least a cash prize for their efforts. Chris Wojcikowski was next out in 8th place with Daniel Williams 7th, David Case 6th, Bouw Ware 5th, Martin Watkins 4th and Simon Duggan in 3rd. Robert Hession battled with Lewis Dawe for the Vegas 100 package which came to an abrupt conclusion. Robert tabled a monster in Q-Q with Lewis being at risk holding A-K. The board ran out 7-Q-8-10-5 to further improve Robert’s hand and crown him the new Wales Two regional final champion. Congratulations!