1. vegas100small David Carsey – Kitty Brewster

2. Gary Pratt – Red Lion
3. James Mann – Mither Tap
4. Lesley Birnie – Scotia Bar
5. Michael Paterson – Northern Bar
6. Susie Donaldson – Club
7. Norma Hopkins – Ceres Inn
8. Julie Hamilton – Ceres Inn

Aberdeen’s G Casino welcomed an ever growing North Scotland regional final as we awarded another Vegas 100 package.

The team event was won by the Mither Tap in Aberdeen. Their representatives were Ian Paterson, Brian Derrett and James Mann from their Sunday league.


Final Table

Seat 1: Craig Neate – Argyll Hotel (23,000)
Seat 2: Julie Hamilton – Ceres Inn (8,000)
Seat 3: Dillon Morrison – Sandisons Cafe Bar (28,000)
Seat 4: Norma Hopkins – Ceres Inn (30,000)
Seat 5: Gary Pratt – Red Lion (63,000)
Seat 6: James Mann – Mither Tap (44,000)
Seat 7: Susie Donaldson – Club (55,000)
Seat 8: David Carsey – Kitty Brewster (74,000)
Seat 9: Lesley Birnie – Scotia Bar (29,000)
Seat 10: Michael Paterson – Northern Bar (54,000)

Previous regional final winner Craig Neate was eliminated in 10th place and was soon followed by Dillon Morrison. 8th place was Julie Hamilton with Norma Hopkins in 7th, Susie Donaldson in 6th, Michael Paterson in 5th, Lesley Birnie in 4th and James Mann in 3rd. David Carsey faced Gary Pratt heads-up for the Vegas 100 package and David soon got his chips in with the dominating hand holding Q-8 to Gary’s 8-6. Gary was at risk and was soon eliminated in 2nd place as the board ran off 2-7-4-10-K to crown David Carsey the new North Scotland regional champion.