1. Andy Welsh – Black Bear Hotel

2. Mark Dean – New Clock Inn
3. Jonathon Spencer – Stourvale
4. Debbie Gregory – Salterns WMC
5. Kyle Sandy – Testwood Hotel
6. David van der Putt – Greyfisher
7. Brendan Reeves – Old Farmhouse
8. Philip Craker – Saxon Inn

Shuffles in Portsmouth welcomed our South England members as they looked for a new regional final champion. Various prizes, as always, were awarded throughout the day.

The first prize was the team event trophy which was won by the Red Lion in Poole. They were represented by Terry Scott, Martin Taylor, Bob Richardson and Anna Dole.

Final Table Chip Counts

139,000 Andy Welsh – Black Bear Hotel
102,000 Brendan Reeves – Old Farmhouse
82,000 Mark Dean – New Clock Inn
81,000 Jonathon Spencer – Stourvale
69,500 Philip Craker – Saxon Inn
60,500 David van der Putt – Greyfisher
57,500 Debbie Gregory – Salterns WMC
45,000 Michael Cairns – Moby Dick
10,500 Kyle Sandy – Testwood Hotel

With Paul Bull exiting just before the final in 10th place nine players lined up with Andy Welsh leading the way. Michael Cairns went first in 9th place with Philip Craker in 8th and Brendan Reeves in 7th. 6th place was David van der Putt with Kyle Sandy 5th, Debbie Gregory 4th and Jonathon Spencer 3rd. Mark Dean and Andy Welsh contested the heads-up match in which the victor would be heading for Las Vegas next year. The final hand saw the poker gods shine on Andy as he got his chips in as an under dog with K-7 vs. A-6. A favourable board of 7-4-Q-9-7 gave Andy trips and the win as he becomes the new South England champion. Congratulations!