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Just after 1pm on Saturday 15th Nov, at the prestigious Grosvenor G Casino in Coventry, 183 players started with the aim to become the new Nuts Poker League England & Wales Champion, take home the 1st place prize money of £3500 and a 7 day trip to Las Vegas, as part of the Redtooth Vegas 100 experience. After 10 hours of solid play, and bad beat stories galore, the tournament was whittled down to the final 10 remaining players, that included Mike Messham a previous National Champion, who eventually finished in 8th position. With 3 players remaining, the last remaining female player Kirsty Wright saw her full house get beaten by Rob Fletcher’s quads! So Heads up was between two players from Norfolk, and just after 1am, Rob Fletcher took the title when his Ace 3 held up beating David Adams who had always been struggling to overcome Rob’s massive chip advantage.
Upon winning Rob said “Just like Vinnie Jones in Lock, Stock & two Smoking Barrels, It’s been emotional !!!”

Full Result and Payout after a couple of deals that the players requested was

1st Rob Fletcher (Norfolk) £3100 + Vegas 100
2nd David Adams (Norfolk) £1500
3rd Kirsty Wright (Wrexham) £850
4th Dave Manning (Cheshire) £750
5th Graham Austin (Wrexham) £750
6th Darren Probst (Cheshire) £500
7th Mike Parcesepe (Wrexham) £500
8th Mike Messham (Flintshire) £500
9th Walter Blake (Suffolk) £250
10th Chris Eaton (Shropshire) £200
11th James Walton (Merseyside) £100
12th Steve Hunter (Sth Lincs) £100
13th Anne Nicholls (Sth Lincs) £100
14th Jeremy Severs (Lancashire) £100
15th Dave Brewer (Shropshire) £100
16th Biily Beaumont (Cheshire) £100
17th Steve Lansdale – Brown (Norfolk) £100
18th Andy Thomas (Cheshire) £100
19th Robbie Dodds (Shropshire) £100
20th Ralph Miners (Cardiff) £100
21st Brian Parcesepe (Wrexham) £100