WINNER – Jamie Todd – Old Brewery, Alloa

02 Tony Gallagher – Royal, Edinburgh
03 Thomas Pouton – Queens Retreat, Edinburgh
04 Del Horner – Pyramid Snooker Club, Kilmarnock
05 Alasdair Gunn – Queens Retreat, Edinburgh
06 Allan Williams – Oakwood Lounge, Alloa
07 Tommy Walker – Viking Bar, Glasgow
08 Keith Ritchie – Fountain Bar, Perth
09 Julia Doyle – Oakwood Lounge, Alloa
10 Andrew Harper – Old Brewery, Alloa

It was the turn of the Grosvenor Casino in Glasgow to host our South Scotland regional final which incredibly saw a full house bar one player. Another Vegas trip was up for grabs for the day’s lucky winner along with cash prize-pool of £500 and the well contested team event trophy.

Once again we had a good showing from the Old Brewery in Alloa as they had 2 finalists, as did the Oakwood Lounge, also in Alloa. But the honours went to the Queens Retreat in Edinburgh, also with 2 finalists so congratulations to Moira Dalgleish, Alasdair Gunn, Thomas Pouton & Fraser Bruce.

Del Horner led the 10 player final on 84,000 chips with Julia Doyle sat on just 15,000 chips. Tony Gallagher made good use of his short stack of just 26,000 to grow this into a heads-up stack where he met Alloa’s Jamie Todd. Jamie eventually emerged victorious after his 8-7 beat Tony’s A-4 on a 6-7-7-K-2 board and became the Old Brewery’s 6th VEGAS100 qualifier.

Final Table Chip Stacks

01 Del Horner – 84,000
02 Jamie Todd – 64,000
03 Allan Williams – 50,000
04 Keith Ritchie – 40,000
05 Tommy Walker – 38,000
06 Andrew Harper – 34,000
07 Alasdair Gunn – 28,000
08 Thomas Pouton – 28,000
09 Tony Gallagher – 26,000
10 Julia Doyle – 15,000