The Poker Tree’s poker year came to a fantastic conclusion on Sunday 7th April as Redtooth Poker helped find their last ever national champion. The fabulous Aspers Casino in Stratford, London hosted this prestigious event which saw over 100 players battle for the title.

Final Table

Seat 1: John O’Grady – Clock House (41,000)
Seat 2: Ben Taylor – Marquis of Granby (88,000)
Seat 3: Steve Browne – Curlew (24,000)
Seat 4: Mehdi Bouhass – Ruse (35,000)
Seat 5: Phil Jenkins – Dean Park (23,000)
Seat 6: Gary Ralph – White Swan (22,000)
Seat 7: David Russell – Flying Boat (46,000)
Seat 8: Jodey Jenkins – Dean Park (27,000)
Seat 9: John Lambton – Herne Tavern (26,000)
Seat 10: Paul Downham – White Lion (36,000)

An exciting final table saw Paul Downham exit in 10th place with Phil Jenkins in 9th. Jodey Jenkins then hit the rail in 8th before Ben Taylor in 7th, John Lambton 6th, Gary Ralph 5th, Steve Browne 4th and John O’Grady 3rd. The heads-up encounter saw two of The Poker Tree’s finest go head to head in Mehdi Bouhass and David Russell. The final hand saw two premium hands go up against each other, Mehdi tabling Q-J to David’s A-10 with David at risk. The board ran out J-8-6-K-5 in Mehdi Bouhass‘ favour as he became The Poker Tree National Champion! Congratulations to everyone.

With The Poker Tree journey now coming to an end, their players now have a brand new and exciting challenge ahead as they bid to the climb the Redtooth Poker ladder and hope to join the Vegas 100 holiday.

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