1. Lee Warman – Hollybush

2. Stuart Rankmore – Gower
3. Matthew Brown – Black Lion
4. Stuart Latham – Hollybush
5. Neil Davies – Barn
6. Nathan Cook – Kings Head
7. Steven West – Barn
8. Carl Watson – Central Hotel

The first half of our Welsh contingent packed out the Grosvenor in Cardiff as we gave away a free trip to Las Vegas. Trophies were also up for grabs for the day’s individual winner and the top performing venue.

The team event trophy was the first to be awarded and this went to the deserved Gower Hotel in Cardiff. They were represented by Scott Evans, John Hindle, Dan Brudge and Stuart Rankmore.

Final Table Chip Counts

68,000 Stuart Latham – Hollybush
48,000 Nicholas Marriott – Ferndale
41,000 Matthew Brown – Black Lion
36,000 Stuart Rankmore – Gower
25,000 Carl Watson – Central Hotel
21,000 Lee Warman – Hollybush
21,000 Robert Gillen – Birchgrove
18,000 Neil Davies – Barn
14,000 Steven West – Barn
14,000 Nathan Cook – Kings Head

This 10 player final saw the second big stack, Nicholas Marriott, surprisingly exit first in 10th place. Nicholas was followed by Robert Gillen in 9th, Carl Watson in 8th, Steven West in 7th, Nathan Cook in 6th, Neil Davies in 5th, Stuart Latham in 4th and Matthew Brown in 3rd. Stuart Rankmore and Lee Warman proceeded to contest next year’s Vegas trip. The tournament was soon over and a new champion found once big stack Lee Warman was dealt 9-6 to Stuart’s Q-J. They both saw a board of 6-2-2-5-5 which gave Lee the win to become the new Wales One champion.