1. Lee Collins – Journeys End

2. Ian Turner – Chase Hotel
3. Tom O’Toole – Rose & Crown
4. Steven Farrell – Railway Inn
5. Bob Gardner – White Lion
6. Nathan Pullen – Pillar of Salt
7. Graham Cutler – Railway Inn
8. Jules Harry – Fox

The second half of our West Midlands members were sent to Coventry, to the Grosvenor Casino at the Ricoh Arena. A trip to Vegas would be awarded to the day’s winner.

The first prize to be awarded was the team event trophy and with 4 top 50 finishers this award went to the Rose & Crown in Coventry. Our congratulations go to Mark Brock, Tom O’Toole, Wayne Maunder & Reece Platt-May.

Final Table Chip Counts

182,000 Tom O’Toole – Rose & Crown
141,000 Jules Harry – Fox
117,000 Steven Farrell – Railway Inn
104,000 Nathan Pullen – Pillar of Salt
95,000 Bob Gardner – White Lion
74,000 Ian Turner – Chase Hotel
55,000 Graham Cutler – Railway Inn
54,000 Lee Collins – Journeys End
42,000 Steve Lines – Sharmans Cross
34,000 Adam Baxter – Cedar Tree

Our final table of 10 were set for one final push for Vegas, with only one player claiming the top prize. The first player to exit the final was Adam Baxter in 10th place with Adam soon to be followed by Steve Lines in 9th, Jules Harry 8th, Graham Cutler 7th, Nathan Pullen 6th, Bob Gardner 5th, Steven Farrell 4th & Tom O’Toole 3rd. Lee Collins was left to battle Ian Turner for the top prize, a battle that Lee won as his Q-10 got the better of Ian’s A-2 on a 9-J-8-4-J board. Congratulations Lee!