WINNER – Kevin Cairney – Westport Tavern, Cupar

02 Stuart McGinley – Westport Tavern, Cupar
03 Neil McGhie – Auctioneers, Inverness
04 Gary Pratt – Butchers Arms, Aberdeen
05 Val Ferrie – Old Reid Park Bar, Forfar
06 Stewart Treagus – Northern Bar, Aberdeen
07 Robert Wignell – Sobar, Inverness
08 Harry Close – Auctioneers, Inverness
09 Dani Paterson – Old Bank Bar, Aberdeen
10 Andrew Pryde – Ceres Inn, Ceres

Aberdeen’s Grosvenor Casino welcomed our north Scotland members for our North Scotland regional final which saw another Redtooth Poker member qualify for VEGAS100 2016. Over £1,500 worth of prizes were awarded in total throughout the day.

One of the day’s most popular awards is the team event trophy with this going to the day’s best represented venue. With two finalists the winners were the Westport Tavern in Cupar who were represented by Stuart McGinley, Richard Arnott, Janey O’Brien & Kevin Cairney.

With Kevin & Stewart tied for the lead going into the final table it was down to the others players to play catch up. Neil McGhie made a good effort growing his 30,000 stack to be eliminated in 3rd place. Neil’s exit left us with Kevin Cairney and Stuart McGinley, both from the Westport Tavern in Cupar, to contest the VEGAS100 package and £200 cash prize. The poker gods were shining on Kevin as the final hand saw him get his chips in with K-7 to Stuart’s K-J and with a final board of 8-10-7-7-2 Kevin Cairney was the new North Scotland regional final champion.

Final Table Chip Stacks

01 Kevin Cairney – 94,000
02 Stewart Treagus – 94,000
03 Stuart McGinley – 71,000
04 Gary Pratt – 53,000
05 Harry Close – 42,000
06 Val Ferrie – 34,000
07 Neil McGhie – 30,000
08 Andrew Pryde – 24,000
09 Dani Paterson – 23,000