1. Anita Smith – Patriot’s

2. David Young – Brookhouse Farm
3. Bruce Hamilton-Webb – National Hunt
4. Nick Collins – Brookhouse Farm
5. Craig Owlett – Carters Rest
6. Alex Clark – Ebdon Arms
7. Billy Turner – Grapes Hotel
8. Matt Davis – Turmut Hoer

The Grosvenor in Bristol welcomed over 100 Redtooth members from around the West Country as we found another Vegas 100 member. Seven lucky players would share £500 with another handful of national final qualifiers.

The Brookhouse Farm had a great day as they secured the team event with two finalists and another top 30 finisher. They were represented by Mark Young, David Young, Kyle Mabberley and Nick Collins.


Final Table Chip Counts

74,000 Nick Collins – Brookhouse Farm
59,000 David Young – Brookhouse Farm
55,000 Rachel De Grey – National Hunt
53,000 Alex Clark – Ebdon Arms
45,000 Anita Smith – Patriot’s
36,000 Billy Turner – Grapes Hotel
36,000 Mitch Rowlands – Carters Rest
29,000 Matt Davis – Turmut Hoer
24,000 Craig Owlett – Carters Rest
22,000 Bruce Hamilton-Webb – National Hunt

Team event winners, the Brookhouse Farm, started the final with the two chip leaders and the National Hunt also provided two finalists as the game got under way. Rachel De Grey hit the rail in 10th place with Mitch Rowlands 9th, Matt Davis 8th, Billy Turner 7th, Alex Clark 6th, Craig Owlett 5th, Nick Collins 4th and Bruce Hamilton-Webb 3rd. Heads-up saw Anita Smith battle against David Young. The final hand was a close one as Anita tabled 7-8 to David’s 5-2, a board of 3-7-5-6-4 gave both players a straight but Anita’s 8 played to give her a much deserved win. Congratulations!