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Redtooth Poker will be back from 17th May!!!

March 16th, 2021

We are excited to announce that the Redtooth Poker league will be back and restarting from 17th May.
(As long as no further changes or restrictions are introduced by the Government).

To ensure we are compliant with the Government Covid19 guidelines we will be running the league as a one table tournament, with no movement of players with each table being run as an individual tournament as we did back in September. The season will run like this for a 10 week season from 17th May to 19th July. We have been in touch with multiple contacts to approve this and to confirm the rule of 6 will be in practice. We have been assured that this is the case as long as the Roadmap continues to be a success and the Government does not introduce any further restrictions.

We are confident that all venues who wish to restart the league have the relevant Covid19 regulations in place and players continue to follow the getting tested when needed; isolating when required, and following the ‘hands, face, space’ and ‘letting fresh air in’ guidance.

For venues who are unable to restart the league we have made the decision to continue with the online version of the league for this period to keep players engaged. Be advised Live and Online are separate leagues and points will not be shared.

Please remember as noted in the Government Roadmap of Lockdown summary it will be down to each individual person to decide on the appropriate level of risk for their personal circumstances.

We are hopeful that this is the light at the end of the tunnel and gives our venues, TD’s and players something to look forward to in the near future. We can’t wait to see you back at the baize Post – COVID – FREEDOM!!

Not a Redtooth venue yet and want to start the league please go to www.redtoothbrochure.com for all the details.

VEGAS100 Update Message From Managing Director Martin Green

November 24th, 2020

My name is Martin Green, following negative online comments by some players regarding VEGAS100 rescheduled date, I feel compelled as Managing Director to go into some detail about how we have come to calculate the prize structure for VEGAS100 2019/20 and 2020/21.

The 2019/20 season was completed in full in which we gave away 110 Vegas player seats and set aside £25,000 in cash and sponsorship to be won in Las Vegas. This trip has now been rescheduled for a second time, moving from May 2020 to February 2021 and now May 2021. The prize pool for VEGAS100 2019/20 is £150,000. This is a combination of all expenses paid Vegas seats, cash and sponsorship prizes and this will be honoured in full.

The 2020/21 season commenced on the 26th January 2020 as normal. On the 23rd March the Government announced a complete lockdown and Redtooth Poker was suspended. All venues were invoiced up to and including Friday 20th March 2020. This meant that venues were only charged for 8 weeks of the 13 week Season 1, equating to 60% income. Season 1 Regional Finals were eventually rescheduled online during October 2020. Even though we only received 60% income, we gave away 100% of the prizes, 19 VEGAS100 seats plus cash for players finishing 2nd to 8th, at a total cost of £32,300.

The league was fully suspended between the 20th March and the 27th September, wiping out Season 2 and the majority of Season 3. During this period we had numerous aborted plans to restart the league. The Government initially announced the casinos could reopen on the 1st August in England, only to move that date back to the 16th August. The general feeling in the Redtooth office being that August was too early to resume live poker in pubs and taking the ethical path, we planned for an early October resumption. During the month of September we sent out 280 FREE Restart Up Poker Packs which included a free table and 20 decks of cards per venue, total cost of over £30k. Before the league resumed, but after sending out all of the equipment, one of the national Pub Co’s withdrew all of their venues siting health and safety reasons. Within two weeks of resumption, a large portion of these venues went into Tier 2 & 3 and their accounts were suspended again. A 4-week national lockdown was then implemented and we are now waiting for the Government’s announcement on Thursday to see if any venues will be able to resume again, these can only be venues in Tier 1. In short, and taking into account the free equipment we are projecting a loss for Season 4 and the year.

Some good news, over 100 venues moved their leagues online during mid-October and this revenue should go towards paying some of the ongoing running costs. Redtooth is firmly established as the country’s leading provider of entertainment to pubs with a team of 18 people working out of two buildings in Derbyshire. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Redtooth is proud to have retained all but one of its staff (the one, taking early retirement). The only thing worse at this moment in time than being part of the hospitality industry is being part of the supply chain to the hospitality industry. During the 9-months of restrictions, Redtooth has received no help towards rent and rates and with the exception of some much appreciated Furlough money has had to cover 100% of its ongoing overheads.

During lockdown, we have run numerous online tournaments giving players the opportunity to win seats into VEGAS100 2021. When taking into account administration costs, the revenue generated from these just about covers the cost of the trips. The number of Vegas trips available for the current online leagues and the decimated Season 4, plus 1 further round of National Finals are still unknown, but these will work out at a ratio of 1 seat per 100 qualifiers which is substantially better odds for most people than if we were running our regular live Regional Finals.

So to summarise Season 2020/21…

  • We received 8 weeks regular subscriptions from a 52 week year
  • We gave away £30k worth of FREE Restart Packs
  • In January 2020, we took delivery of 4,000 dated league winners trophies at a cost of £80k, the majority of these will have no use and will have to be thrown away
  • We estimate that there will be 60-70 qualifiers for VEGAS100 2020/21
  • 70 seats and a £5k sponsorship package equates to over 50% of the regular VEGAS100 prize pool of £150,000 (110 seats and £25k cash and sponsorship), considering that Redtooth is currently trading at 15%, this means that a portion of these prizes will be paid for out of reserves

After a seven month wait, Virgin finally returned our money in early October. From this we have paid back £30k to players and guests in the form of refunds. We have allowed players who have won seats in both 2020 and 2021 VEGAS100 Finals, to move one of those seats on to 2022. In reality we would have been better not running a VEGAS100 2021 with only 8 weeks of a full 52-week season being completed, but instead of disappointing players that have won seats and not being able to travel in February, we thought the best solution was to merge the two Finals. Our friends at The Orleans, have confirmed to us that as we are only there 5 days out of the 8-day span as a group then they wouldn’t be able to run two separate tournaments along with the Welcome Tournament in that short period of time, knowing that VEGAS100 runs over two days.

So to summarise Vegas in May 2021…

  • Taking into account the dropouts from VEGAS100 2020, the reduced seats in VEGAS100 2021, plus players that have won seats in both and moved one of those seats on to 2022, we estimate that the main event should consist of around 150 runners with a total prize pool of £30k. The winner from each year winning a £5k sponsorship package and the 150 runners playing for what is a regular prize pool
  • For the players suggesting that the prize pool is £20k light, then they are correct. In fact the prize pool in total for VEGAS100 2021 is £70k light but you have to take into account that the league hasn’t run for the majority of the year and that Redtooth are only trading at 15%

As we said in the previous post our only competitor has gone by the wayside, taking all the subscription and prize money with them.
I want to finish by thanking all of our amazing venues and players, there is light at the end of the tunnel, Redtooth Poker will be restored in a 1,000 venues across the country and we will put this nightmare behind us. For all players and guests traveling to Las Vegas in May 2021 (fingers crossed that life has returned back to normal by then) you have my promise that myself and all my staff will endeavor as always to make it a trip of a lifetime.

Most of Redtooth Poker staff are furloughed currently, but I am in the office Monday to Friday 9-5pm and I am happy to listen to any of your comments or concerns. You can contact me directly on 01246 813713.

Regards – Martin Green Managing Director Of Redtooth LTD

Player FAQ

October 13th, 2020

How do i get involved in my local Redtooth Poker night? Simply find your nearest venue via our ‘Find a Venue’ tab then all you need to do is visit the venue on their next poker night to complete a registration form. A Tournament Director should be present to answer any questions you may have. Most poker nights start at 8:00pm so it’s advisable you arrive for around 7:30pm.

What happens if 2 or more players are tied on points at the end of the season? The deciding criteria is used to determine the higher finishing player in the following order…

  • Fewest games played throughout the season.
  • Most wins throughout the season.
  • Consistency taking into account all scores throughout the season. The website will automatically work this out.

Can i play in a different regional final if i can’t make the one my pub has been assigned to? Players can play in a different regional final to where their pub has been assigned to, but…

  • All 4 qualifiers must go to the same regional final.
  • There must be space in the new region for another pub to move into.

How many games do i need to have played before i can qualify for a regional final? The minimum amount is 4 league games in that season from any one particular venue. The play-off game does not count as a league game.

Do i get 2 trophies if i win 2 leagues? Yes, there is no limit to the amount of trophies you can win in one season.

I haven’t received my regional final invite, when do they get sent out? We only send invites out once we have received the names of all 4 qualifiers. If you haven’t received your emailed invite yet it’s likely due to one of the following…

  • Your email address on our system is wrong (please contact us/your TD to update)
  • We have only just received confirmation of all 4 qualifiers so it should be with you shortly
  • We are still waiting for confirmation of all 4 qualifiers from your pub

Check with your TD that all relevant information has been sent over/is correct.

How do I know if Redtooth have my email address? If you would like to check the details we have for you, you should create a player profile to view your details > https://www.redtoothpoker.com/player/activateprofile

What point structure is used for your pub poker games? The points structure is as follows:

1st: 100
2nd: 80
3rd: 70
4th: 60
5th: 50
6th: 40
7th: 30
8th: 20
Others: 10

This can also be found on the result sheet.

If an unregistered player finishes on the final table, what happens to those points? If a player who decides not to register in the league and play as a guest finishes in 2nd place for example, noone would score 80 points for that game. Positions on the night should not be moved up. In this instance, if you finished 3rd, you’d still get 70 points.


TD/Manager FAQ

October 13th, 2020

What if one of our automatic qualifiers can’t make the regional final? Any of your 3 automatic qualifiers can be replaced assuming the replacement has played the required 4 league games. We would suggest you promote the player who came 4th in the league. However, this is the TD/venue manager’s decision.

What if our play-off winner can’t make the regional final? Your play-off winner can be replaced assuming the replacement has played the required 4 league games. We would suggest you promote the player who came 2nd in the play-off game. However, this is the TD/venue manager’s decision.

How do i inform you of our play-off winner? There are a few ways you can do this.

  • Complete and send off the play-off form that we provide.
  • Email us the winner on info@redtoothpoker.com.
  • Phone the winner through on 01246 813713.
  • Self managed venues can login and enter their 4th qualifier themselves.

As a venue manager can i ask the players to contribute to the weekly subscription? By law, our venue managers are not allowed to collect any money from the players as part of the venue’s weekly subscription. All fees associated with running the league must come from the venue manager.

How much cash can we play for on our Redtooth Poker night? Pubs have limits of £5 per person per night and a maximum total pot of £100 per night. If you have 20 players everyone can buy-in for £5 (20 x £5 = £100). If you get 25 players for example you would need to lower the buy-in to a maximum of £4 (25 x £4 = £100).

Clubs have slightly higher limits of £10 per person per night and a maximum pot of £250 per night.

Any buy-ins must be optional to all players, players cannot be refused participation if they choose not to buy-in. Any player who doesn’t buy-in would not be eligible for any cash prizes. All buy-ins collected on the night must be paid back to the eligible players as prize money.

Can i update our scores myself? Yes! Your starter box will include a self management form which can be completed and sent back to us. Once we receive the form, we will activate your account within 24 hours and send you an email confirming that the login is active.

If two players are eliminated during the same hand, which player has the higher finishing position? You should use the following criteria to determine finishing positions.

  • Chip count, if the same…
  • Hand strength, if the same…
  • The player to the left of the dealer

If an unregistered player finishes on the final table, what happens to those points? If a player who decides not to register in the league and play as a guest finishes in 2nd place for example, noone would score 80 points for that game. Positions on the night should not be moved up. In this instance, if you finished 3rd, you’d still get 70 points.


Redtooth Poker Outstanding Live Events National Finals March’20 & Regional Finals Season 14.1

October 1st, 2020

National Final 3&4 March 2020 Update

Due to the new restrictions implemented for the next 6 months by the Government the team and management have come to the decision to host our outstanding live events online with Grosvenor Poker.

The National Final will take place on Sunday 11th October at 12 Noon. This will have a £10 buyin as the live event with £3000 GTD and 10 VEGAS100 2021 seats up for grabs.

Letters for all qualifiers have now been issued with a link to the software and a password to enter the tournament. Please do not share this password with players who have not qualified for this event. Winners will be checked and processed against our records.

Download the software here…


National final card guards will be sent via post to all qualifiers if you need to update your address please email info@redtoothpoker.com

Regional Final Season 14.1 Regional Final Update

Regional Finals from season 14.1 which were played to week 8 (21st March) will now take place on Grosvenor Poker.

You can now process your 4 qualifiers from the self-managed TD or venue login or alternatively email info@redtoothpoker.com with your 4 regional final qualifiers. You can also make changes to qualifiers from here. Qualifiers will need to be submitted by Friday 9th October. If they have not been submitted by this point we will automatically process the top 4 players from your league table.

Once players have been submitted they will receive an email with a link to download the software from Bit.ly/grosvenorsignup
(We will be providing a step to step guide on how to download, set up, and register for the event).
The players will receive an email invite with the password to enter the tournament.
Please do not share this password – winners will be checked and verified from our records.

Regional Finals can now be located in the Grosvenor Poker lobby under ‘Partners’ and will take place on Sunday 18th October from 12 Noon. The tournament structure will mirror the standard Redtooth Poker Regional Final with x1 VEGAS100 seats to be won and £500 cash at each regional final and national final qualifier seats.

Any queries or questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the poker team via email info@redtoothpoker.com

Redtooth Poker is BACK from Sunday 27th September!

August 28th, 2020

We would like to give you a heads up and details of Redtooth Poker’s plans for restarting the league.

We have consulted directly with Grosvenor Casino’s and have shared the necessary information from the Government to enable us to restart the league in accordance with Covid19 guidelines.

For you to restart the league we have introduced various procedures that will need to be put in place for the league to be conducted in a safe environment for your customers and team to satisfy the Government Guidelines.

We will be providing all venues with a re-start poker pack which will include:

X20 Free Packs Playing Cards* (enough cards to use a brand new deck on every table every week)
X1 Free 8 Seater Table Top* (you can safely seat 4 Players around a Redtooth Poker table which will maintain social distancing guidelines as per the image below.) We are providing this to help accommodate more players.
X1 Pack Antibacterial Hand Wipes to be used to clean cards after use
X1 Card Cleaning Procedure Sheet
X1 Chip Cleaning Procedure Sheet
X1 Seat & Table Cleaning Sheet
X1 Hand Washing Policy
X1 TD Game Night Safety Sheet



The Redtooth Poker league will restart from Sunday 27th September and will run as a 17 week season with 4 qualifiers progressing through to the live regional finals in February/March 2021.

We are advising all venues that players will be required to either
A) pre-book a seat with the Tournament Director in advance of the game night B) Or on a first come first served basis to avoid any confusion.

It is really important that ALL venues, players, and TD’s are proactive in enforcing personal hygiene and cleanliness.
Introducing the new procedures will safeguard, avoid contamination, and spreading infection.


Reiterate to players that if they show any Covid19 symptoms including:
● A high temperature
● A new, continuous cough
● A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

To protect others, please stay at home!!

Be advised it is down to each individual venue to reinstate the league and managers/licensees are the decision-makers in dealing with players who do not follow procedures. Please ensure that players are aware that there will be zero tolerance for not following procedures put in place to maintain social distancing.

In regards to prepaid accounts, you will have approx 5 weeks credit paid from the last season in March this will be deducted from the 17 week season leaving a payment due of 12 weeks at £22.50 +VAT. If your venue had a direct debit set up this was suspended in March if you wish to reinstate this, please contact Redtooth accounts and all brewery venues will need to get in touch to restart invoicing!!

All new venues will be eligible for the free restart poker pack up until the 23rd of October.

The Poker Team is really excited to welcome the league back to your venue and are available to help and support all venues to reintroduce poker down the pub!

If you have any queries or would like help to get your venue ready for the restart date please get in touch with the poker team on 01246 813713.

*Free tables and cards are available to all venues who restart by 23rd October


Redtooth Poker Update

August 19th, 2020

As everyone is aware Covid19 has massively affected all aspects of life. Unfortunately due to Grosvenor Casino’s being unable to host any external tournaments until January, we are now having to put steps in place to make cancellations to the RPT 2020 and amendments to outstanding events including National Finals and Regional Finals.

Blackpool RPT 2019/20 March& x4 Player Team Event
We are hoping for the 2019/20 RPT March Blackpool & x4 Player Team Event to take place as one of the first events in January 2021 so if you have tickets for this please keep hold of them for the time being. Prizes for the Team Event included x4 seats to the WLPC in November however as we have now had contact with our friends over the pond this is looking more unlikely to take place. We will give the prize winners the option to use these seats at VEGAS100 in February 2021 or alternatively wait for November 2021.

RPT 2020/21
Please see a breakdown below of our events and how this will affect the RPT going forward.

28th June Portsmouth Moved to April 2021

31st July Battle Cancelled Credits on MainEventTravel.com
1st Aug 25k GTD Cancelled Credits on MainEventTravel.com
2nd Aug Tag Cancelled Credits on MainEventTravel.com
2nd August Jokers Cancelled Credits on MainEventTravel.com

26th Sept Shoot Out Duo B’pool Refunding by MainEventTravel.com to be with you by 25/09
27th Sept B’pool Refunding by MainEventTravel.com to be with you by 25/09
18th October Thanet Cancelled Refunding by MainEventTravel.com to be with you by 25/09
8th November Stockton Cancelled Refunding by MainEventTravel.com to be with you by 25/09
13th December Nottingham Cancelled Refunding by MainEventTravel.com to be with you by 25/09

Sunday 31st January Bristol Scheduled to take place
Sunday 14th February Glasgow Scheduled to take place
Sunday 14th March Benalmadena, Spain Scheduled to take place

Outstanding League Events
National Final March 2020
Waiting for confirmation from Grosvenor if/when we can host external events with the high capacity.

Season 14.1 26/01 – 21/03 Regional Finals
Scheduling for January 2021

League Going Forward
The team are currently working hard putting procedures in place to get the league restarted as soon as possible. We are working closely with Grosvenor Casino’s to ensure that the league can meet and satisfy the Government’s guidelines. We want your poker nights to continue in a safe and secure environment and will be back with more updates once Boris allows the casinos to be back!

Once again we would like to thank everyone for your patience and support during this time. The team look forward to seeing you soon.


August 18th, 2020

We are restarting the Redtooth Poker league in **PUBS** from Sunday 27th September, running a 17-week league with Live regional finals back in Grosvenor Casinos in February & March 2021.

Details and COVID safe guidelines will be released on Monday 7th September.

Keep your eyes peeled for all the news.

**Season 1 was frozen on week 8 back in March with your top 4 qualifiers going through to regional finals which will take place in January 2021**

RPT 2020/21

May 4th, 2020

As you are aware we have been informed by Grosvenor Casino’s that they have made the decision to postpone the Goliath until 2021.

We thought this would be an ideal time to give you an update on the RPT 2020/21 and Redtooth Poker events at Goliath.

In regards to RPT Portsmouth – Sunday 28th June. The decision has been made to postpone this and we will be looking at rescheduling this event to the end of the RPT 2021. This is to avoid any further loss of events and to avoid problems for Season Ticket holders.

As Goliath has now been cancelled we have taken the decision with the advice from MainEventTravel.com to automatically apply credits to your MainEventTravel.com accounts if you have purchased tickets to Redtooth Poker events for Goliath. We are also pleased to add that all booking fees will be included in the credits. Due to the number of tickets and access to systems currently, we feel this is the best way to proceed.

If you have any queries or questions regarding this please don’t hesitate to contact sarah@redtooth.co.uk

We have no plans to cancel or reschedule Blackpool until we have any further information from the Government.

In regards to Goliath tickets that have been purchased either directly from a casino, won, or purchased online.
There are multiple options for casino purchase refunds that can be collected directly from the casino once they re-open or alternatively they can be carried forward for 2021. Online tickets will be valid for 2021 and Grosvenor is currently looking into using these for other options. More details to follow.

In regards to the ERPT, we are continuing to work closely with our travel partners and should have an update on this in the next month.

We appreciate your patience during these testing times and we look forward to seeing you all back at Redtooth Poker events soon.

Please follow continue to follow our Facebook page for updates.

Stay safe.

Current Season 14.1 – Frozen Due To Covid19

April 14th, 2020

Like many things, Covid19 has interrupted the current league season.

We would like to confirm that we will be honouring this season’s scores that were submitted on and up to week 8 of season 14.1.

Once the lockdown has been lifted we will be prioritising these regional final events. We will be allowing every playing venue to submit 4 players/qualifiers as normal.
It is down to the venue and tournament director to make the decision on how these 4 players will be selected nevertheless players must have played the minimum 4 games required to be eligible.

As we announced back at the end of March all accounts have been put on hold and any prepayments will be rescheduled in due course.

As your probably aware Redtooth agreed to increase regional final prize money from this current season. With the probability of the loss of 3-6 months revenue regrettably we won’t be in a position to do this. However, when live regional finals return we will maintain our previous year’s prize structure.

VEGAS100 May 2021 will continue to go ahead as planned and the team is excited to get the preparations underway and we will achieve the same high standards and experience as previous finals.

Don’t forget you can also get involved in our weekly VEGAS100 2021 Lockdown qualifiers every Friday for £22 on Grosvenor Poker, these will be weekly until the pubs re-open.

In regards to the weekly online tavern, this will continue every Sunday – scores will be updated when we have access to the office. Details of the free to play weekly online tavern can be found below.

Grosvenor Poker is home to our very popular online pub poker league, the FREE to play Redtooth Tavern online league, which runs parallel to your pub poker night, offers 15 regional final seats per season so if you aren’t able to play enough in your local venue or don’t manage to gain regional final qualification the Redtooth Tavern is a great backup option. A great addition to playing poker in your local pub league.
The online league runs every Sunday afternoon from 2pm with registration starting from 12noon on the day. The same points structure is used as in your local venue. At the end of the 13 week season, the top 15 players will qualify for their local regional final. Pub qualification takes precedence over online qualification.

Please note: If you register before the tournament starts and you are not logged into the poker client during the first 10 minutes of the tournament, you will be removed due to Microgaming network rules.

Tickets into other online events are awarded as prizes in this tournament.
You can get the password by logging into the members section via the ‘Get Members’ Access Now’ button.
We would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you on the virtual baize in the meantime.