The Mundy Arms in Heanor, part of our East Midlands region, won their third team event during season two’s East Midlands regional final. Their 2nd in a row! They claimed their first trophy back in season 6.2 when they were represented by Carl Dutton, Annmarie Winter, Jonathan Clifford and Jim McKeown (above).


Their next triumph came in season 7.1 where they were again represented by Annmarie Winter along with John Berkin, Jonathan Burrell and Paul Harrison (above). They then returned as champions in season 7.2 where they successfully defended their title, no mean feat in one of Redtooth’s biggest regions. Paul Harrison and John Berkin returned again this time along with Adam Fairfield and Mark Burrell (below).


Their achievements don’t just stop there. Back in season 5.3, Debbie Percy (below) claimed the individual winners trophy to qualify for our National Final.


The Mundy Arms play their Redtooth Poker night on a Monday at 8pm. Are you up for the challenge?